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A story about story: How to navigate the business through stormy seas

Extract: This article appeared in Facts & Fiction UK, and is posted by the Institute of Management Consultants on their thought-leader web site.
The corporate world is sailing through stormy seas, facing waves of change. There are more challenges, more stresses, less time. The article addresses the ways in which mindfulness, imagination and story can help our navigation. Mindfulness can help us to shed past baggage, see things in new ways, improve our focus. Imagination, a relatively new development in man’s thinking, opens up hidden truths and possibilities. Mindfulness and imagination come together to form the essence of theories of engaging the future effectively – such as Otto Scharmer’s Theory U. Of course story and mindfulness and imagination are closely related – for example imagination is at play when constructing or listening to a story, and mindfulness is at work in telling and listening. The age of story has arrived. Story is the fast lane to the brain.

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