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The power of story - telling and story listening in business

Extract: An extract from this article, which describes the contents of The Halo and the Noose book:

Insights include how stories:

•open troubled organizations to lateral thinking, and to imaginative
•invoke a new kind of leadership because they hold multiple meanings.
•are open-ended.
•raise awareness - the emotional, social and spiritual IQ of a company.
•offer a context for change.
•are the way of the future.
•facilitate the engagement and commitment of employees.
•at the individual level, can be a form of narrative therapy

In one of the chapters on story-telling construction guidelines and techniques, the authors cover various story patterns. Readers will be able to construct a simple story based on these patterns. One pattern strongly evident in biographical, mythological and historical stories involves four circles. Womb. Wound, Work/Wander. Wonder. This is an ancient Motif and the following story and comment, taken from the book, illustrates this particular pattern or movement…….

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