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Balancing the brain, balancing the Word

Extract: “Every brain has a story”, writes Jill Bolte - Taylor, a prominent neuro-anatomist, whose left lobe was flooded during a stroke in her middle thirties. In My Stroke of Insight, she tells the story from the inside. As blood flowed from the burst arteries, she could name the left brain functions as they closed down. She came to an understanding of the gifts of both the left – that logical mathematician seeking structure and context - and the right brain -that metaphoric, euphoric impresario. The left-brain is about solid boundaries, the right-brain is about universal flow - the genie out of the bottle.
In story-telling too, we balance our left and right brains as we open to our storied lives…………….

On a recent flight I sat next to a man into brain gym training. He showed me a list of 10 ways in which this programme benefits our brains. All those benefits can be gathered into one word: story.

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