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Midrash and the Imagination: Fleshing out the Bones of a Story

Extract: Many traditions such as the Jewish midrash, honour the imagination. Midrash involves putting flesh on the bones. Re-telling a story, filling in the gaps in order to expand, and supplying details that are not recorded. Being part of, living a story, and seeing with different eyes.
This allows for different interpretations of meaning and personal revelations and insights. Doing a midrash exercise for a personal story in which you feature is a helpful way of getting into another’s shoes. It enables empathy. It also enables insight into the way another may be viewing you.
When we see people only in their roles at work (the secretary, the janitor, the boss) there is an opportunity to midrash……………. Midrash allows us to think outside of the confining frame of a preferred story. It stimulates the imagination.

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