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Tapestry of Our Memories

Extract: Visiting our memories with kindness. An address given by Peter Fox, Spiritual Director of St Luke’s Hospice in Cape Town during a pre-Christmas tree – lighting ceremony.
If we are being rushed, distracted, distressed and pressured, our memories are not easily accessed. They blur in our consciousness and become opaque.

So tonight, find a stillness within even as the carols are sung. Memories can form a tapestry because they are enlivening, sustaining, comforting and we cherish them. We return, through our memories, as Tom Altig says, to freshen and deepen our understanding of those who died - attending to them again, bringing them closer, embracing them in their absence, feeling grateful, feeling the warmth of our love for them, sensing that they are grateful for our remembering and that we feel the warmth of their love for us.

No memory, however beautiful, is without a shadow of sadness or regret. So our memories of true connection in laughter and love are shadowed by moments of turbulence, pain, anger and difficulty. As we recall them and work with them, we can re-story our lives……………….

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