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Mindfulness, Mindset, Meaning & 'Magination (Dynamic Future Creation through Story)

Extract: How meaning, mindfulness, mindset and ‘magination can carry business to new heights.

Our business intervention process (Grador) makes use of a comprehensive menu of tools, techniques and approaches, strongly underpinned by story and the attributes of mindfulness and imagination.

Typically, the course of the intervention journey is project initiation, excitement, early disillusionment, shadow side encounter, entrenching of mindfulness and imagination, breakthrough and continuous improvement.

The work gets done in new ways, results in impressive outcomes, and the people on the journey change, find new meaning and a higher purpose in what they do, in volatile, unpredictable times.

Deep mindfulness creates new mindsets, which in turn leads to the discovery of deeper meaning, and together this leads to imaginative solutions. This is the way forward for organizations.

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