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Language,Truth and Logic

Extract: Author Ralph Windle is known as The Poet Laureate of the Boardroom (coined by the Financial Times for his long weekly series in the FT and Harvard Business Review). His books include The Bottom Line: A Book of Boardroom Ballads, The Ultimate Guide to the Organisation, and The Poetry of Business Life. He runs

Here Ralph delves into the elusive nature of language, words and story.

Language is the unique, differentiating characteristic of the human species. Yet its origins and workings remain oddly resistant to scientific enquiry, even in this golden age of science. Magnetic Resonance Imaging allows us to examine synaptic formations in the living brain and plot neuronal pathways. Our ubiquitous neuroscientists are probing the innermost workings of our thinking and emotional processes, generating myriads of hypotheses on ‘minds’ and ‘brains’; and yet the origins and workings of human language remain remarkably obscure………………...

Words, of course, and how we perceive and manipulate them, are central to this language capability and its life enrichment. The book, newspaper, magazine have been its more recent ‘packaging’ yet all face some degree of decline in our societies. It’s in this context that we should see the relevance of the Halo and Noose initiative, re-connecting with the longer traditions of story-telling and direct exchange of language and meaning; in which ‘words’ regain their power for pro-active engagement in dialogue and action……………………….

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