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Therapeutic value of silence

Extract: Author Reverend Peter Fox is the Spiritual Director at St Luke’s Hospice in Cape Town, where he has led a team of volunteers in the spiritual accompaniment of the dying for the past 15 years. He has a diploma in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and is a Board Member of South African College of Applied Psychology, having lectured for them in Grief and Loss since 1998. He is the co -author of Dying :A Practical Guide for the Journey

This essay on the deep and lasting therapeutic value of silence, begins:

When you are ill you have a relationship with silence – the empty space around and within you. The silences are also in the thoughts of those caring for you and supporting you. There are silences also in the medical people, the nurses and doctors, after the diagnosis and prognosis is given – oceans of silence, often unquiet, noisy, tormenting.

So, whether believer, agnostic or atheist, a patient receiving Palliative Care has a relationship with silence…………………………..

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