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  1. Are you a Halo or Noose type organisation?
    An organisational diagnostic that reveals the extent to which an organisation is equipped to thrive in the challenging world of business today.

  2. Are you a Halo or Noose type person?
    Find out how well you rate in terms of conducting the key areas of your life.

  3. An emotional money test
    This quick ‘n easy test reveals your psychological relationship to money and your spending patterns. Awareness is the first step to self-development.

  4. The Hardy Peronality Diagnostic
    How well do you respond to the challenge, how comfortable are you, and how much in control are you during change and transition? Do you sink or swim? What improvements can you make?

  5. Personal Mindfulness Checklist
    What level of mindfulness do you apply to different aspects of your daily living in order to reduce stress, enhance your lifestyle.

  6. Fishing for....... customers..... or ideas...... or stories or...
    Are you a winner or losing when it comes to prospecting for new custom, searching for ideas, hunting for the right new story

  7. A Metaphor Diagnostic
    Check for metaphors that best fit with your organisation. This can be a useful means to start a strengths and weaknesses threats and opportunities exercise. You can also check the current state of your organisation and its culture.

  8. Brand symbols and images
    An exercise to examine the embedded values and messages in brand symbols, to consider how these are reinforced by story, and to apply thought to your own brand

  9. Assessment to Determine An Organisation's Narrative Application and Competence
    This assessment determine an organisations’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities - in the area of using narrative to advance corporate functional goals. It also determines the level of competence that exists to support the functional applications.

  10. Selecting the right story
    Advice on selecting the right story for your lecture, speech, presentation.........

  11. Three Me's
    A workshop exercise inviting people to tell their stories of what inhibits them, what makes them come alive.

  12. Case for a story intervention
    Arguments to persuade potential clients to adopt the use of story in their organisation.

  13. Storytelling Diagnostics / Competancy
    A set of related competencies for individuals in a business narrative environment - including behaviour indicators and expected outcomes.

    Alvin Toffler's "Change is avalanching upon us and we are grotesquely unprepared for it' calls forth a some new leadership competencies that cover head, heart and hands.
    Business Communication Competency Set
    Competency Picture Of Modern Leadership

  14. The Therapeutic Qualities of Stories: narratives as facilitators of change
    The River Set, a set of projective cards is a therapists tool designed to facilitate healing, insight and creative process-work.

  15. The da Vinci Code for Business: a values to virtues exercise
    A look at the great man's values and how we might apply them ourselves

  16. Big Fish Values
    An exercise about prioritising personal values

  17. The Web of Business Life
    A reflection for leaders and others on how we fit in and what we can do to leverage our effectiveness

  18. Letting Go
    A teaching on an essential leadership skill

  19. Forging ties that bind
    Developing the leadership skill of forging connections that benefit the bottom-line

  20. A template for decision-making
    How leaders and others can improve their decision-making mindfully

  21. A template for rational problem-solving
    Another leadership skill too often taken for granted

  22. Improve your listening skills
    A key art form for modern leaders

  23. Learn to ask the right questions in the right way
    A forgotten skill that trumps knowing all the answers

  24. The Periodic Table of Story Telling
    An online resource for quickly looking up any aspect (or combinations of aspects) of story crafting
  25. Brand Projection through Stories
  26. How to make Powerful Choices
    A method of decision-making that includes sensory indicators, intuition, imagination and emotion
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