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  1. Newsletter 1: Abraham the Atheist
    A story to evoke comment on just how entrenched (even invisible to us) our belief systems can be, and other matters... read full newsletter

  2. Newsletter 2: Good judgment
    How does learning happen, good habits get promoted, crucial conversations benefit from story?.. read full newsletter

  3. Newsletter 3: Bumble the caterpillar
    In what way do parables, fairy tales and stories speak to us?.. read full newsletter

  4. Newsletter 4: Synesthesia
    Thinking and imagining with all our sense... read full newsletter

  5. Newsletter 5: Rumi extracts
    Wisdom from Rumi the Sufi mystic and highest-selling poet in the USA.. read full newsletter

  6. Newsletter 6: Baucis and Philemon
    A story to ponder with respect to corporate life, and customer service values and delivery.. read full newsletter

  7. Newsletter 7: The Parrot and the Oil
    Funny and insightful Rumi, in part about our own self-image and projecting onto others.. read full newsletter

  8. Newsletter 8: Business Presentations and Story
    How to give good presentations, enlivened by story.. read full newsletter

  9. Newsletter 9: Explaining The Halo & the Noose
    What strangles and hinders, what liberates?.. read full newsletter

  10. Newsletter 10: Stories Everywhere
    The reach and scope of story in various situations.. read full newsletter

  11. Newsletter 11: Rinpoche People
    A way of seeing others and understanding self.. read full newsletter

  12. Newsletter 12: Stories Travel the World
    A map of the many uses of story, poetry and metaphor in business life, and thoughts on how quickly they travel.. read full newsletter

  13. Newsletter 13: Lucky or Unlucky Thirteen?
    Go and wake-up your luck.. read full newsletter

  14. Newsletter 14: Scenarios and Stories
    Story and the business scenario process and outcome.. read full newsletter

  15. Newsletter 15: Introducing Pat Grayson
    About our publisher Pat Grayson and his connection to the story movement.. read full newsletter

  16. Newsletter 16: Ethical Behaviour
    Reflecting on the relevance of the good (normal?) Samaritan today.. read full newsletter

  17. Newsletter 17: Giving
    Reflecting on gratitude, giving and the gift of story.. read full newsletter

  18. Newsletter 18: Resolutions, Memories by P.Fox
    A father remembered.. read full newsletter

  19. Newsletter 19: Contributions by Pete Castle
    The editor of Facts & Fiction shares his story-journey.. read full newsletter

  20. Newsletter 20: Watch that halo effect
    First impressions – insights from Kelly’s personality theory.. read full newsletter

  21. Newsletter 21: Little Red Riding Hood
    A reconditioning, projective story technique used by clinical psychologist Debbie Howes. A fairy tale that speaks to our unconscious. LITTLE applies to the child aspect of our being, RED (the colour of blood) to our life force, RIDING represents the capacity to master and control the vehicle or journey we are on, and HOOD is that which covers and holds within all that we are... read full newsletter

  22. Newsletter 22: Conversations
    Thought-piece by The Narrative Lab on improving conversations.. read full newsletter

  23. Newsletter 23: Myths
    The truth and myths .. read full newsletter

  24. Newsletter 24: The Hero Within
    A meditation technique for accessing your inner resources.. read full newsletter

  25. Newsletter 26. Chief Joseph Rides to Surrender
    A contemplation of a Howard Terpning painting of Chief Joseph's surrender, life and leadership lessons.. read full newsletter

  26. Newsletter 25. He shrunk the world
    An examination of one man's determination to succeed, and the impact that his efforts have had on our lives.. read full newsletter

  27. Newsletter 27 Only a story? Not if your brain has its way
    .. read full newsletter

  28. Newsletter 28 Story and the Whole Person
    Story touches the whole person - physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual. That's why story telling, story listening and story writing are such important skills to learn.. read full newsletter

  29. Newsletter 29: Tempus Fugit: stories, work and time
    "Ideas take time to catch on in a culture. The insights of leading edge thinkers and scientists such Albert Einstein have been around for some 80 years before their ideas truly influence the way we construct our reality. Take time and space for instance. Many of us still hold on to the notion of time as linear". Read on............ read full newsletter

  30. Newsletter 30: An Interview with Kathy Hansen
    Katharine Hansen PhD is a leading proponent of deploying story telling for career advancement. The Story Practitioners' interviews on her 'A Storied Career' web site read like a Who's Who of Story Tellers. She interviewed us..... read full newsletter

  31. Newsletter 31: Chain Reactions
    Chain reactions, linear and non-linear, inhabit our lives. As 2011 comes to an end, this is for us the subject of a reflection.. read full newsletter

  32. Newsletter 32 Cycles of Change
    The typical narrative pattern closely aligns with personal and organisational change patterns.. read full newsletter

  33. Newsletter 33: Ethical Guidelines for story-tellers
    Guidelines for story-tellers, antennae for listeners, factors for employers to think about when selecting a story practitioner..... read full newsletter

  34. Newsletter 34: Haiku Winners and Staff Choices
    We publish the 10 winning haikus, offer 7 staff choices (diagnostics and articles).. read full newsletter

  35. Newsletter 35 The goose at the pond: illusion or reality
    Being aware. Choosing our attitude... read full newsletter

  36. Newsletter 36: Words and Pictures
    "Words and pictures are yin and yang, married they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent" - Dr Seuss.. read full newsletter

  37. Newsletter 37 Business Narrative Competence
    .. read full newsletter

  38. NEWSLETTER 38 Made to Measure
    .. read full newsletter

  39. Newsletter 39 Narrative Research Resources
    For those interested in keeping up to date with research around the emerging science of story, here are some of the key sources you should know about.. read full newsletter

  40. Newsletter 40: In Praise of Emptyness
    Achieving more impact through less busyness. By accessing an ‘empty’ space of inner listening and imagining - we open up to new possibilities... read full newsletter

  41. Newsletter 41: Most Memorable Metaphors
    Metaphors are emotional, memorable, carry deep meaning. We look at some of the great metaphors from historical speeches.. read full newsletter

  42. Newsletter 42: Joseph Who?
    In appreciation of Joseph Campbell who throws light on our life stories.. read full newsletter

  43. Newsletter 43: Wabi Sabi
    We look at the possibilities for finding beauty in imperfection... read full newsletter

  44. Newsletter 44 Think about Life, Think about Rivers
    The river is an ancient and rich metaphor for life events, processes, transitions........... read full newsletter

  45. Newsletter 45 Story Mode and Waves of Change
    A look at how story induces a different state, changes us... read full newsletter

  46. Newsletter 46: 25 years ago
    An invite to an eighties party prompted some thought on that era. What has changed, what not? How have we as individuals moved on, and how have our stories changed, how have our many selves grown and developed?.. read full newsletter

  47. Newsletter 47 WONDER
    A return to wonder.. read full newsletter

  48. Newsletter 48 Going to fun from Monday to Friday
    Fun at work seems to take a back seat in difficult economic times. Maybe it's time to do the counter-intuitive and introduce (more) fun at work..... read full newsletter

  49. Newsletter 49 The Story of Amazing Labyrinths
    What is it about labyrinths that we need to experience, explore? How might they change our stories? Bring peace? Help the solving of pressing problems?.. read full newsletter

  50. Newsletter 51 Great Corporate Poets 1
    Introducing David Whyte...... read full newsletter

  51. Newsletter 50 The Forgotten People
    Two Cape Town business men with heart, Marc and Shane, live rough for a while on the streets of Cape Town.. read full newsletter

  52. Newsletter 52: Great Corporate Poet 2
    Introducing Ralph Windle..... read full newsletter

  53. Newsletter 53 Every Dance Tells a Story
    One of the oldest arts, Dance is the poetry of movement. Dance speaks to our larger selves. In dance, as in story, there are many forms, we are transported to other worlds during the process, it is a vehicle for self - expression, and we learn about life... read full newsletter

  54. Newsletter 54: Scratch the back of story and..........
    Story is not a panacea for all business problems as some would have us believe. However, there are many possibilities for narrative to contribute to business success.. read full newsletter

  55. 55 Games Businesses Play
    Games have enormous potential to invoke 'flow states', move businesses forward, introduce new realities.. read full newsletter

  56. Newsletter 56: Blind Spots
    We all have blind spots that we don't see, no matter how adept we are at seeing others' blind spots. How do we go about discovering and overcoming our blind spots?.. read full newsletter

  57. Newsletter 57: A Mindset for Making the Most of the Mundane
    How to make the most of what is normally seen to be dull, routine, boring and best avoided.. read full newsletter

  58. Newsletter 58: The 6 plus 1 Best Ways To Manage Your Time
    Time management has increased in important in a world of rapid change, complexity, digital overwhelm. Here are key tips to improve the quality of your life through more effective time and energy management.. read full newsletter

  59. Newsletter 59: Talent to Order
    Talent Management is a hot topic as the world of business continues to change and the future looms. We offer an approach to talent nurturing which may in parts appear counter-intuitive ...... read full newsletter

  60. Newsletter 60: Bridges
    Bridges to cross, to build, to burn ... and a bridge too far.. read full newsletter

  61. Newsletter 61: I walk the line
    The title of Johnny Cash's song inspired this newsletter. Lines are everywhere. We draw them, hold them, cross them. The eBook The Virtuosa Organisation draws a line in the sand for business organisations... read full newsletter

  62. Newsletter 62: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Cliché?
    Is there a power of one, can we become the needed change - overcome what diminishes us as people, positively alter the world we live in? Is it time to take responsibility? .. read full newsletter

  63. Newsletter 63: The territory ahead of the rest
    Dorian takes us through a novel and highly effective way of preparing for the future, utilising collages ..... read full newsletter

  64. Newsletter 64: Positively changing the world we live in
    We're encouraged by Malcolm Gladwell's research - the small, seemingly insignificant person or organisation CAN bring about positive change, even when faced with the powerful, daunting and mighty.. read full newsletter

  65. Newsletter 65: A time to retreat
    Why, how, when to retreat ..... read full newsletter

  66. Newsletter 66: Amazing Strategic Grace
    Ever heard of a business that has Grace as a core value? Brian Fulghum shares how he and his team were able to apply the virtue of grace in Pakistan, where the prevailing sentiment was revenge... read full newsletter

  67. Newsletter 67: Corporate Speak
    A look at why we continue to use corporate speak, and a call to avoid it.. read full newsletter

  68. Newsletter 68: Our working relationship with nature
    We delve into the creativity benefits of spending time in nature as part of our everyday working activity.. read full newsletter

  69. Newsletter 69: Neuroscience and the way we behave financially
    Justin Kennedy shows how emotion tends to trump rationality when it comes to financial and economic decisions, and how we might balance this out.. read full newsletter

  70. Newsletter 70: Gift Giving
    How can we be aware of the impact of our giving in the workplace? Is it Eros giving or Logos giving?.. read full newsletter

  71. Newsletter 71 The Art, Science and Magic of Executive Coaching
    A perspective on the increasing need for executive coaching, the role of the coach, areas of importance, what typically emerges during the coaching process, and what results ..... read full newsletter

  72. Newsletter 72: The Common Good, Shared Values and Cultural Neuroscience
    What is the common good? How might we bring it about? Can neuroscience help?.. read full newsletter

  73. Newsletter 73: Moon Talk, Moon Walk
    A few days ago the moon was closer to the earth than it has been for 18 years. A reflection on the moon and stories ..... read full newsletter

  74. Man Must Fight
    We borrow the title of a book by Gene Tunney, World Heavyweight boxing champion, to explore how conflict is a part of the human condition, and our approaches to it.. read full newsletter

  75. Newsletter 75: Bringing Values to Life Using Stories
    Capturing and sharing stories as a means to cement organisational values is the subject of this article from Indranil Chakraborty. Much of Indranil's article resonates with the sentiments expressed in The Virtuosa Organisation.. read full newsletter

  76. Newsletter 76: The Third Thing: nurture, nature and ... ?
    The nature versus nurture debate is over. We look at how they inter-relate, and wonder if there is more ...... read full newsletter

  77. Newsletter 77: Developing Leadership Character for a Needy World
    Business desperately needs strong leadership founded on relevant character virtues. This is a huge challenge, but doable. Useful, practical models are emerging. Researches are also emerging which show the outcomes and benefits when these virtues are present... read full newsletter

  78. Newsletter 78: When the end justifies the means
    How we - at the individual, community, nation-state levels - justify our actions (consciously and unconsciously) to suit our selfish purposes.. read full newsletter

  79. Newsletter 79: The challenge of change, and having a positive attitude
    When faced with major change events some go under, others keep their heads above water and successfully make the required transition ..... read full newsletter

  80. Newsletter 80: Where there is no vision the people perish
    The second of the change challenge factors, personal vision, is examined.. read full newsletter

  81. Newsletter 81: Empathy is not enough
    In this newsletter we examine the trait of empathy as part of: • emotional/ social intelligence • our coping with change/ stress/ adversity • our demonstrating of compassion • our human dignity and spiritual integrity We suggest ways of developing empathy, and going beyond – to practicing compassion and love - because although empathy is at the heart of being human, that is not enough. .. read full newsletter

  82. Newsletter 82: Adaptability
    Adaptability when faced with change is a required behaviour. In this newsletter we explain how to develop the skill.. read full newsletter

  83. Newsletter 83: Expressing Your Feelings
    Research shows that those who are comfortable with major change are skilled at expressing their feelings.. read full newsletter

  84. Newsletter 84: Stewarding our Self - esteem
    The first of four characteristics of being in control of self during major workplace and life change - self esteem - is the subject of this newsletter. How we can build and maintain high self-esteem, and in so doing improve our change hardiness... read full newsletter

  85. Newsletter 85 Staying Ahead of the Game
    We continue our series on building change resilience. Being proactive is one of the characteristics of being in control of self during major change... read full newsletter

  86. Newsletter 86: Is sharpening the axe needed?
    Stephen Covey's 7th habit for effective people is sharpening the axe, and it's an element of staying in control of self during change. Why and how often are two questions for each of us to answer for ourselves.. read full newsletter

  87. Newsletter 87 Inner Locus of Control
    Part of being in control of ourselves during change is having an inner locus of control ....... read full newsletter

  88. Newsletter 88: Buddha Boy on a Swing
    Poetry is another way of paying attention to, listening and observing the world. Spiritual mindfulness, virtues and seeing through different eyes are three backdrops to Dorian's poem.. read full newsletter

  89. Newsletter 89: Do I belong?
    Do I belong in the fast-changing world in which I find myself? A reflection prompted by art, story, prose and poetry.. read full newsletter

  90. Newsletter 90: Web of Jewels
    I've been inspired by contemplating the ways in which we can be a positive force for change as we traverse the web of life - especially when faced with the overwhelmingly negative actions of terrorist groups, corrupt big business, those who exploit others, degrade the environment ...... read full newsletter

  91. Newsletter 91: Charlie Chaplin - Keeping Your Humanity Alive
    “We are directors of our own movies and get to choose the lens” – meeting Charlie Chaplin and learning about life... read full newsletter

  92. Newsletter 92: ‘No, no it happened like this’: Memory and Imagination
    Memory - essential, valuable and fickle ....!.. read full newsletter

  93. Newsletter 93: Sword of Damocles: what is hanging over you?
    There are things we fear, things we anticipate and dread that they'll happen. There are situations that imprison us ... like the sword of Damocles, hanging by a thread ... How do we cope, what lessons can we learn?.. read full newsletter

  94. Newsletter 94 Don't Worry. Be Happy
    ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ – Bobby McFerrin. We all relate to the words of the song. Everyone wants to avoid being unhappy and to be happy. There is no magic wand but a clear choice we can make...... read full newsletter

  95. Newsletter 95: Coming Home
    There are times when we feel lost and ask Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I headed? Where do I belong? We examine these spiritual root questions using Rembrandt's The Return of the Prodigal Son as our lead in and guide ..... read full newsletter

  96. Newsletter 96 : Unleashing The Power of Compassion in Organisations
    Compassion and care (for others, the environment) is integral to sustainability, and can be developed through mindfulness practices.. read full newsletter

    The second in our series, WALKING BACKWARDS: Practicing Ancient Wisdom in Modern Workplaces. The ancient wisdom of social intelligence, with lessons from Hannibal... read full newsletter

  98. Newsletter 98: Good Changes
    19th Century French psychologist Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie coined the mantra "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better". We believe that this attitude holds for continuous improvement endeavours in organisations.. read full newsletter

  99. Newsletter 99 Stampede to Purpose
    This article first appeared as a posting on Culture University web site -a 100% education endeavour - an examination of how corporations are leveraging Purpose in the marketplace.. read full newsletter

  100. Newsletter 100 : And
    This is our 100th newsletter! It's been over 7 years since the publication of The Halo and the Noose and creation of our web site. This newsletter deals with a basic philosophy - using AND instead of OR/EITHER - whenever possible.. read full newsletter

  101. Newsletter 101: Diversity Revisited
    One of the most critical challenges for organisations in the coming years is increasing diversity within organisations. Is this reality a stumbling block or a springboard ...?.. read full newsletter

  102. Newsletter 102: Building BounceBackAbility
    Enlivening, enlightening, helpful conversations about building personal resilience (hardiness) to change and adversity may be found at read full newsletter

  103. Newsletter 103 Secret of Superior Service
    We sometimes become so sophisticated in designing our customer service experiences, technology, processes - that we lose authenticity and natural responsiveness - the human touch that makes all the difference.. read full newsletter

  104. Newsletter 104: The Highest Virtue
    The highest human virtue, LOVE, must now take its full place in workplace communities.. read full newsletter

  105. Newsletter 105 Ancient Wisdom for Modern Workplaces
    An introduction to a free booklet that's making waves in the business world. It was commissioned by Culture Ambassadors, USA.. read full newsletter

  106. Newsletter 106: Still Caught in a Vice-Like Grip
    We update ourselves on how well business is adhering to its stated purpose and values - in the context of global economic, social and environmental issues .. read full newsletter

  107. Newsletter 107: Embracing Imperfection
    So much (sometimes hidden)damage results due to our frenetic chasing after perfection, pleasure, power, possessions, position ............... read full newsletter

  108. Newsletter 108: WHAT A MISSION!
    People get confused and often ask the difference between mission, vision and purpose. Add to that value proposition, unique selling proposition ...... read full newsletter

  109. Newsletter 109: I didn’t see that coming!
    How do we make space for the unknown in our lives, the set-backs that are still to happen – those sudden, unexpected, unforeseen events that strike when we’re not ready – as individuals and organisations .. read full newsletter

  110. Newsletter 110: I Talk to the Trees
    An essay on the value of trees in our lives – real and metaphorically real.. read full newsletter

  111. Newsletter 111: 10 P's Cut-out
    A framework for looking at why we are here, what should we value, do ... and becoming fit-for-purpose.. read full newsletter

  112. Tears in Heaven
    A tribute to David Peter Smal.. read full newsletter

  113. Newsletter 112: The Battle-Lines have been drawn
    The extent of the harm done to our environment, societies and economies, and the spread of divisiveness between groups - fuelled by the likes of Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte, Kim Jong-un, Jacob Zuma, Bashar al-Assad and their activities, is vast. They unashamedly push their own personal agendas at the expense of justice, caring and peace. Their undeniable power and/or self-enrichment activities and utter disdain for others, combine to sometimes make us feel small, scared and helpless. Yet we can wage exterior and interior battles that will make a difference …….. read full newsletter

  114. GETTING THE MEASURE OF MEASURES: 4 ways to broaden your approach
    Here are 4 powerful principles to guide how you approach the use of measurements .. read full newsletter

  115. Newsletter 114: A New Profile for Board Directors
    The inability of many Boards to contribute to solving the severe environmental, economic and societal problems facing us, allied to self-serving mind-sets, is deeply disturbing. We need Board directors who have larger minds (metanoia) and practice a deep letting go of self in the interests of others (kenosis)... read full newsletter

  116. New Thoughts on Director’s Responsibilities and Accountability
    When things go wrong who should take the rap- Directors (Agents), Shareholders (Owners) or other stakeholders?.. read full newsletter

  117. Newsletter 117: Shift Happens: so how do we respond?
    Global and local political, economic, legal, social, technological developments result in continuous shifts in our local institutions, markets, communities, families. Our world is unstable. The impact of these shifts - for example, on job content, new jobs and redundant jobs - and how we choose to respond, is the subject of this newsletter.. read full newsletter

  118. Newsletter 118: Return to Story
    Revisit here how we are hardwired for story, the anatomy of story, the contribution of story in business, the observance of story ethics; and most importantly: What has been humanity's overarching meta-narrative – and what will it be?.. read full newsletter

  119. Newsletter 119: Still going around in circles (Story)
    We return to story circles. Anecdote Circles form a part of our Conversations that Count process for initiating positive, lasting culture change. See and In this newsletter we consider some aspects of story circles .. read full newsletter

  120. Newsletter 120: Lots of Dough
    How do you relate to money and material wealth? Why? This essay does not question the importance of money - symbolic or real. It invites you to think again about YOUR relationship to money (and wealth).. read full newsletter

  121. Newsletter 121: A Void that Won't be Filled
    We remember our pet miniature Yorkie, Pongo. A family member. Hopefully in not too self-indulgent away, but to express wonderful memories and learning during our time together.. read full newsletter

  122. Newsletter 122: What too many leaders never seem to learn
    We look at leadership development's blind spots, exposed lacks, topics wrongly coached or taught or omitted, and needing intentional development.. read full newsletter

  123. Newsletter 123: Outside In and Inside Out
    Does the outer world determine the inner or does the inner world regulate the outer? What is reality? An examination of the extent to which our worldviews, beliefs and behaviours are driven by externals or are internally driven... read full newsletter

  124. A conversation about purpose
    Overheard near the water cooler, employees talking about their organisation's purpose.. read full newsletter

  125. “Show Some Respect”
    What is respect? Why do we need it? Is respect a fading value?.. read full newsletter

  126. Uncivil Civilians
    A particularly insidious, creeping misuse of authority/power, often unreported, is the spectrum of behaviours from showing disrespect to more obvious misconduct, belittling, harassing, bullying and abusing. This occurs in homes, workplaces, institutions, communities, and societies. And, if we place value on being civilised, this harm must be prevented, eradicated and healed. .. read full newsletter

  127. Newsletter 128: Tamara Smiles a Lot
    Meet the storyteller of Siberia. If you’ve experienced huge disadvantage, failure and setback, felt like giving up, her story provides perspective. .. read full newsletter

  128. Newsletter 127: Travel
    Travel experiences broaden our horizons, expose us to diversity, refresh, create important memories.. read full newsletter

  129. Newsletter 129: Is being positive overrated?
    It is current wisdom to display a positive front, attitude, thinking – certainly in the workplace. This Either/ Or thinking has relegated negative thinking to the realm of loser, pessimist, energy – drainer. Has positivity been wrongly understood? Is there room for a balanced approach? Positivity is a good topic for the first newsletter of 2019... read full newsletter

  130. The 5 Most Common Leadership Disorders and How to Handle Them
    This newsletter looks at 5 common Leadership Disorders. These are not as severe as leadership pathologies. But more common. And serious enough! .. read full newsletter

  131. Clearing the Bar
    Taking a look at how an organisation may cope in today's demanding world, and contribute to the wider society - and at the same time assessing the leader's required character and competence.. read full newsletter

  132. Newsletter 132: Organisational Agility
    Guest contributor NehaChatwani, author of soon to be released Organisational Agility: Exploring the Impact of Identity on Knowledge Management, gives us a preview of the shifting paradigm of organisational agility.. read full newsletter

  133. Newsletter 133: Snap Out of It
    In a frenetic, stressful world, here are four powerful, common-sense tips for you as a leader to get past your own blockages, get through the day, get through to others, and get to thrive with more peak moments .. read full newsletter

  134. Developing Our 'And/Both' Minds
    The world is becoming increasingly polarised, divided. Dualistic thinking and behaviour worsens matters. Here are some thoughts on the benefits of a non-dualistic approach, and how to develop the strength.. read full newsletter

  135. Decisions in the Agile Era - nimble or lame?
    Being agile calls for quick responses to marketplace happenings and technological developments. Agile is being transitioned from software development projects to functional and organisational operations. One undesired outcome is that over-hasty decisions sometimes happen - with negative consequences. We could recognize that neither the hare nor the tortoise always win the race, and counter this danger... read full newsletter

  136. Corrected Newsletter 136: REFRAMING FALSE STORIES: thanking Leroy Little Bear
    Mike Bonifer, Founder of bigSTORY, advises on how we Westerners can properly frame untruths, by adopting Native American wisdom.. read full newsletter

  137. Informal Collaborative Engagement
    When stifling rules, hierarchy and silos impede collaborative relationships at work, we could use informal collaborative agreements (a form of social contract). This is how and why they work so well... read full newsletter

  138. 10 Most Wanted for 2020 and the Eagle Hoop Prophecy
    As the end of the year approaches and organisations think about their challenges and priorities for 2020, we offer our forecast of the "10 Most Wanted" areas to concentrate on... and the Eagle Hoop prophecy!.. read full newsletter

  139. From Walls to Bridges with Story
    Story Power can be used to dis-empower and defeat. In these times we must overcome the telling of false stories, and the spread of divisive lies ... and be active for good. Maybe we have reached a critical tipping point? Bridging the walls starts with inner work... read full newsletter

  140. Over the Top
    Everything seems to be OTT these days, whether it’s the latest tweet from the USA president, a statement by a British politician, a MOOC advertising/ promotion campaign, self-glorification on LinkedIn, look-at-me posts on Facebook …. Why? …. What do we do about this demeaning trend?.. read full newsletter

  141. Little is Lekker
    As we enter 2020 many of us have been flooded with blogs, email and other social media channels telling us: (1) This is how you should set your goals and make resolutions for 2020, and (2) Aren’t we great: this is what we achieved against all odds in 2019. (3) Go big, make a noise, aim as high as you can Quite overwhelming. quite boring. In this newsletter we look at a few small things that we can do (as individuals and organisations) that might make a difference .. read full newsletter

  142. Newsletter 142: Are you a taker or a giver?
    Wherever human life is happening, there are givers and takers …... read full newsletter

  143. Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up
    Stages and states as our consciousness is raised, and we become more fully human.. read full newsletter

  144. Revisiting, Reframing, Resetting and Re-starting - to Navigate Crisis Lockdowns with Certainty
    The advent of the corona virus has precipitated a rush to introduce remote working operations and to prepare contingency plans for further developments as they occur. In this STOP PRESS, special issue newsletter we consider the importance of regular ongoing scenario planning and the use of the CultureScan survey/ inclusion process to competently cover of all the bases.. read full newsletter

  145. Newsletter 145 - Pura Vida: Read Right
    This newsletter on recapturing the almost lost practice of leisure book reading is the first of a short series covering possible activities during lockdown activities, such as that resulting from the coronavirus crisis. The series is inspired by the Costa Rican slogan “Pura Vida” – pure life. These newsletters will be issued once or twice a week for the next few weeks... read full newsletter

    Costa Rica has owned the phrase “pura vida” and use it often. It may be translated as “pure life” – enjoying simple pleasures, companionship, calm and leisurely times. This series of newsletters is different, is intended to provide ideas for your pura vida during the forced lockdowns we now face with the advent of the coronavirus. They may cover topics such as gardening, reading, reflecting and journaling, games, music, conversations (at home and with the outside world), stress and anxiety reduction, coping with boredom, introducing ritual and symbol … depending on the responses received. The series will address the WHOLE PERSON, with an accent on life values and related practices. The first newsletter in this series looked at leisure reading. (Value: curiosity, Practice: reading for pleasure). An opening question was Zorba the Greeks exasperated outburst to Basil 'You don’t know! Well, all those damned books you read - what good are they? Why do you read them?' (Kazantzakis, N. 1961), answered in part by English author Julian Patrick Barnes: “When you read a great book, you don’t escape from life, you plunge deeper into it (life)”. This newsletter outlines personal values and personal practices in general, and goes deeper into one or two of those … During this series, which is to be published every few days during our initial lock-down period, should any reader wish to discuss any of the topics covered, my Skype address is: graham.lynette , and my email is: .. read full newsletter

  147. Pura Vida 3: Values and Practices: Part 2 of 2
    Costa Rica has owned the phrase “pura vida” and use it often. It may be translated as “pure life” – enjoying simple pleasures, companionship, calm and leisurely times. The first newsletter in this series looked at leisure reading. (Value: curiosity, Practice: reading for pleasure). An opening question was Zorba the Greeks exasperated outburst to Basil 'You don’t know! Well, all those damned books you read - what good are they? Why do you read them?' (Kazantzakis, N. 1961), answered in part by English author Julian Patrick Barnes: “When you read a great book, you don’t escape from life, you plunge deeper into it (life)”. The second newsletter outlined personal values and personal practices in general, and went deeper into one or two of them. We continue now by looking at the highest human values. Should any reader wish to discuss any of the topics covered, my Skype address is: graham.lynette and my email is: .. read full newsletter

  148. Pura Vida 4: STRESS MANAGEMENT DURING LOCK-DOWN (The 9M framework)
    PURA VIDA Costa Rica has owned the phrase “pura vida” and use it often. It may be translated as “pure life” – enjoying simple pleasures, companionship, calm and leisurely times. This newsletter concentrates on managing our negative stress levels. Should any reader wish to discuss any of the topics covered, my Skype address is: graham.lynette and my email is: .. read full newsletter

  149. Rumours and the Virus
    gossip and rumour during a time of crisis.. read full newsletter

  150. Be Still
    Being still, being silent, is therapy for the soul – newsletter 6 in the Pura Vida series. (PURA VIDA. Costa Rica has owned the phrase “pura vida” and use it often. It may be translated as “pure life” – enjoying simple pleasures, companionship, calm and leisurely times. I believe that “pura vida” is possible during times of crisis). .. read full newsletter

  151. Stop!
    Tony Cranston, the host of Talking Stories Radio (East London, UK), shares insights on the wisdom of pausing as a habit, and the pause that the world at large is experiencing right now… Tony also shares with us an accompanying meditation.. read full newsletter

  152. Newsletter 152: Time to throw away our tickets?
    We hang on to tickets for rides we have finished. Throw away what is not apt in our we think and behave - especially as we journey in and navigate new territory.. read full newsletter

  153. Newsletter 153: Coping with Coronavirus – A Moral Response
    A moral response during the Covid-19 pandemic: Luke Andreski encapsulates the broad moral context, personal responsibility, and not being judgmental of others in perilous circumstances.. read full newsletter

  154. Two Boys and a Girl: and the new sub-human reality
    .. read full newsletter

  155. Locked Down for 100 Days .... and counting
    Lock-down blues hit yesterday, but all is not lost. Today brought something new and welcome. You can access a self-assessment, determine whether you are currently in struggling-to-survive, accepting-and-muddling through, or doing-just-fine mode. And get some ideas about what to do. .. read full newsletter

  156. Newsletter 156: are we losing Touch?
    Social distancing has developed as a habit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Will the practice be continued as a "new norm" emerges? How needed is touch?.. read full newsletter

  157. An Indian Storyteller’s Perception of the Future of Narratives
    Indian story practitioner Indira Mukherjee shares her hopes for the future of storytellers.. read full newsletter

  158. blind spots and unasked questions
    Whether solving a problem, interacting in a relationship, exploring with our minds and hearts, there are things we fail to see and important questions we fail to ask.. read full newsletter

  159. Newsletter 159 How will you fit into a post Covid-19 “brave new world”?
    Many talk about the 'new normal', especially with respect to work-from-home as if it is absolutely clear, decided, done-and-dusted. I'm not so sure .... It is more like the "new abnormal".. read full newsletter

  160. Taking Off the Masks
    Masks come in many forms, may be helpful and unhelpful. The coronavirus regulations regarding the wearing of masks and unsocial distancing highlights the need to talk about them.. read full newsletter

  161. Newsletter 161 Stairway to Heaven
    In an unknown, uncertain life, imagine a stairway from earth to heaven with angels continuously descending and ascending. Imagery in coaching is a bridge to new possibilities.. read full newsletter

  162. Immaturity
    At the individual and through to organisation, institution and State levels, we need to grow up.. read full newsletter

  163. ABC of X and Y
    A command and control style still prevails although there is always talk of a more people-centered leadership. Will the shift ever come about?.. read full newsletter

  164. Reimagine the Future (Newsletter 164)
    Some thoughts on reimagining a better future as 2020 comes to an end and we enter 2021. Once imagined we can begin to make it happen.. read full newsletter

  165. Newsletter 165 Counter Intuitive Leadership 2021
    For those who don’t follow the herd, some different suggestions for leading your organization or unit or constituency though 2021 - mindfully, deftly, and calmly.. read full newsletter

  166. Newsletter 166: An Aging Pale Male
    With some trepidation I publish this answer to "Do I belong in South Africa today?". I've shared honestly and openly but expect some howling and hooting, labeling and calls to "Get out, you're not wanted here".. read full newsletter

  167. Newsletter 167 Rippling
    Perception - attitude - behavioural responses and having a good outlook. And 'rippling'. This month's chosen quotations complement the newsletter.. read full newsletter

    There are many aspects of presence, and developing presence. This newsletter introduces a new article in the Halo and Noose Member's Article Archive .. read full newsletter

  169. Shifting to JOMO
    Seriously consider shifting to JOMO and escaping from the fear of missing out (on the latest news, book, webinar, social media posting...).. read full newsletter

  170. Newsletter 170: Freedom - Stay Woke
    Goodbye freedom. Hello lost human-ness. How do we begin to tell a new story for these troubling times?.. read full newsletter

  171. Making Big Personal Decisions About the Pandemic
    Everyone deserves to make informed decisions without threat, bullying, coercion. However, when it comes to government (elected to serve themselves?) - imposed regulations around the world, and arrangements for 'vaccinating' the population, Alas, that is not happening.. read full newsletter

    We all need to be aware of what is going down, and act accordingly as governments infringe our rights and choices during covid-19.. read full newsletter

  173. FEAR, FALSEHOOD AND FORCE: the new norm sucks
    This August 2021 newsletter is about where the world is ‘at’ under a dictatorial leadership that has emerged globally. An existence characterised by fear, falsehoods and force... read full newsletter

  174. The marriage of story and systems thinking
    Likely to be the last newsletter for the unforeseeable future - a look at the similarities between story and systems thinking.. read full newsletter

  175. Newsletter 175: A time to discern
    A plea for greater discernment, being awake to what is occurring all around us and to us, and then alerting, influencing and guiding lovingly.. read full newsletter

  176. We like sheep...
    Humanity is prone to and primed for totalitarian rule, probably linked to the way National leaders have used the covid-19 ‘pandemic’ to introduce Draconian measures, regulations and plans. We must change this narrative .. read full newsletter

  177. Newsletter 177: The Fall of Humanity
    We are meant to be free and fully human. This is what the self-interested puppet masters wish to deny us.. read full newsletter

  178. Bluebeard Lives Again
    Narcissism and its effects are on the rise - a clear and present danger. Our understanding of the current situation and enemy, what is happening and how to win the spiritual battle.. read full newsletter

  179. Call the Covid Spade a Spade
    We ask, ‘Is covid-19 a situation of spiritual warfare?’ This may be the most important and urgent narrative we will ever be a part of shaping. A number of friends helped with the thinking processes that went into this newsletter.. read full newsletter

    In this crazy world, how do we get the right perspective, keep our thinking pure, move in the right direction? This quest relates closely to the message of Christmas .. read full newsletter

  181. Newsletter 181 Irreparable Harm
    Irreparable harm happens all the time, at many levels. It is a fact of life and becoming worse. 2022 is poised to be one of the most challenging years ever. Preventing and countering such harm requires more than business as usual or trite responses (at both the micro and macro levels). Unconquerable lives don’t just happen .. read full newsletter

  182. Fear and Falsity, Fragmentation and the Future
    What's happening to us, where are we headed, and can we get to where we desire to be?.. read full newsletter


  184. Brain Fog
    Brain Fog – an exploding mental challenge. This newsletter is a checklist of things you can do to beat it, lift the fog. .. read full newsletter

  185. Newsletter 185 Dance of Inclusion
    These reflections on diversity-equity-inclusion-belonging are written by guest Namrata Arora Singh .. read full newsletter

  186. June 2022 UpEnd
    The stupidity and futility of war.. read full newsletter

  187. 187: You Gotta Have Hope (and Help)
    Positive thinking and planning to achieve what might be the wrong aims or outcomes, can lead to problems - for self and for others. HOPE offers the contemplative-in-action a route that trumps both over-optimism or over-despair. .. read full newsletter

  188. NEAR and FAR
    How near-to or far-from are you from the people or things or what matters the most to you?.. read full newsletter

  189. I Believe in Expensive Speech
    Of late there has been much deserved outcry about the curtailment of free speech (including legislation to this effect)- especially in the face of increasing control measures and censorship by institutions such as WHO and WEF, politicians, big tech, and arrogant business leaders backed by the self-appointed (non-) elite. Participative democracies should encourage free speech - but remember that speaking out can carry a price. .. read full newsletter

  190. June2022: BUOYANCY
    Could this Rumi poem speak to you and your values? .. read full newsletter

  191. The Strategic Monk on Discernment
    How does discernment fit into and shape your story? Our guest writer this month is Greg Richardson, the Strategic Monk. His teaching is on the topic of spiritual discernment, an imperative today, as always. This article first appeared on his own website and in Patheos, who hold a non-denominational conversation about spiritual matters. .. read full newsletter

  192. August 2022 A Looming New World?
    Some basic existential questions posed by a layperson. Any answers?.. read full newsletter

  193. September 2022 The Case for Bookworms
    People who read lots develop these superior life skills.. read full newsletter

  194. Is it ever too late to hope for change?
    In this edition: Dr Sarah McKay our guest writer shares on “is it ever too late to hope for change” in discussing the 118-year old brain that changed .. read full newsletter

  195. Newsletter 195: Quo Vadis Leader Development?
    In an era of new employer: employee relationships and new personal loyalties, new working contexts, new places and ways of working, does leadership development need drastic change?.. read full newsletter

    "You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions" - Naguib Mahfouz. Egyptian writer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature.. read full newsletter

  197. Newsletter 197: Curing Malady at Work
    The so-called ‘new normal’ is hurting people. Wellness/ Wellbeing/Health has taken a serious knock. In organisations leaders have a duty to address the suffering.. read full newsletter

  198. My Story: WHY I AM A CHRISTIAN
    Because I often touch on the spiritual in my courses, newsletters, blogs - people have asked, "Where do you stand?", "What do you believe?".. read full newsletter

  199. Your/Our 2023 Story?
    Science fiction, the new normal, danger ahead, what now?.. read full newsletter

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