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Graham Williams, CMC, B.Com Hons, B.A. is on the Council of the International Mananagement Consultants and Master Coaches of South Africa (IMCSA), a certified management consultant and executive master coach, thought provoker, speaker and author of 9 business books who has worked in over 40 countries and many sectors around the world. He is a management contributor to 12Manage (the World's foremost management network). An essential component of his ‘motivational fingerprint’ is to overcome severe organisational blockages by installing creative, healing solutions – from concept to implementation. Special interest areas are building resilience, and embedding character virtues and sustainability practices in organisational culture. He makes use of narrative, anecdote and metaphor as critical contributors to successful business interventions. Graham comes from humble beginnings, grew up in Woodstock, Cape Town, began his academic career after marrying and while raising a family , and believes strongly in finding practical solutions to challenges. Prior to launching his own business, while with Shell, He conducted customer service studies at AT&T Universal Card, Agway, Fedex, Disney World, Duke Power, Thames Water Board, LL Bean, Pepsi, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group, MIT. He developed the first Motorway Service Area in South Africa, the first multi-task Customer Contact Centre in the Shell Group, the first margin-management, price-elasticity system for Shell UK, and served as a member of the re-engineering team.


I contribute regularly to a number of hard copy and online magazines including Culture University, Human Capital Review, Leadership and Change Magazine.


Framework for a New Leadership Culture – with Eva Marie Cooper (2018) was  one of the top ten posts that garnered most traffic for the Culture University Blog

Articles selected as chapters in book publications have included: 

Using Stories During Times of Change (2012) in Managing Change in Organisations: articles from the Human Capital Review (Ed: Johan Herholdt) Knowres Publishing

Black & White Swans, Black & White Stones: can scenario planning take account of an unpredictable, tumultuous future? (2012) in People Management Strategy in Organisations (Ed: Johan Herholdt) Knowres Publishing

From CRM to ERM: maximizing the Marketing and HR partnership – with Michael Cusack (2006) in Integrating HR and Marketing Strategies: concepts and cases (Ed: Sumati Reddy) The ICFAI University Press

Revisiting, Reframing, Resetting and Restarting - with Steve Banhegyi, in Managing organisations During the Covid-19 Vortex Knowledge Resources



Some Endorsements:


Alan Sousa Caires, Owner and Managing Editor, Management Today journal: I highly recommend Graham both as a consultant and as a trainer. He brings that something different, something extra, to the training room and workplace and has an ability to work and engage with people in a creative and innovative way that produces immediate and lasting results.

David Taylor, former CEO, Auto Carriers: From analyses through diagnosis, preparation, execution and review Graham brings to his consulting interventions considerable passion, expertise and wisdom

John Griffin, Director, High Chem East Africa, Nairobi: Graham Williams is a highly talented at working with a client to identify customer focussed needs and then to plan and support the implementation and transformation program. I have worked with him on several projects, and have particularly valued his input in cross-cultural work.

Jonathan Jacobson, MD, Metropolis Design: Fantastic. In a word that’s how I describe Graham’s executive coaching prowess. Supported by unerring intuition for both content and pace, he has a gentle yet no-nonsense way of creating space for creative exploration and encouraging clients to be themselves, confront issues, push their boundaries and arrive at clarity.

Eva Cooper, Chief Community Education Officer, The Pastoral Institute, Columbus, GA. Every experience was thoughtfully and professionally handled.Graham truly demonstrates attentive listening while humbly bringing his expertise to the table. Graham is the ideal consultant… subtly challenging the status quo while encouraging movement toward a workplace that emanates the spirit of love. We are forever grateful for his friendship and guidance

I don’t think that I know it all. Years of experience in the business world allows me to offer a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills. I am continuously exploring, discovering, learning, sharing, widening my range of applications.

A disciple arrives late one morning, and upon being asked the reason by his guru, explains: “The river I cross each day is in flood and there is no bridge and no boat”.
“So how did you get here?”
“I decided that because you are my god and inspiration and all-knowing teacher I would meditate on you. This I did chanting over and over again “Guru, guru, guru……I was then able to walk across the water”.
The guru was impressed. “I didn’t know this about myself ” he thought, and after his student left he went down to the river and stepped into it chanting: “Me, me, me…” and sank like a rock.


 Fellow author colleagues:



Dorian Haarhoff D Phil English Literature University of York, England is a poet, writer and mentor who is steeped in story. A former professor of English, he now runs his own business ‘Creative Workshops’. He facilitates corporate story workshops for a number of companies in Africa and elsewhere, and acts as a writing coach for local and international clients. Dorian was co-author of The Halo and the Noose, Story Matters @ Work, The Virtuosa Organisation

David Rosenstein PhD Psychiatry, MA Clinical Psychology, is a clinical psychologist, scientist, consultant and director at Neural Sense and MindMetrics.
He works as a cognitive behaviour therapist and business interventionist in the areas of resilience, mindfulness,stress reduction and psychological flexibility. David has over 10 years experience in brain science and consulting.
He is an expert in building resilience and emotional intelligence and does so through evidence based strategies and techniques; which have been proven to work in various controlled studies. David Co-authored From the Inside Out

Peter Fox. B.A. (Hons), Dipl. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy [SAIP]. Peter majors in spiritual direction and mentoring, and is a workshop facilitator,
life coach, palliative care educator, pastoral and grief therapist, Presbyterian Minister and author. He also does trauma debriefing. He recently resigned after 17 years looking after the spiritual care side of St. Luke’s Hospice, and runs a private counselling practice. Peter co-authored The Virtuosa Organisation and Dying: a practical guide for the Journey.

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