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Da Vinci Virtues

As we go through life, our vulnerability is fuelled by snake-oil sales persons and their irresistible elixirs of life: how to make a million dollars in 12 months, how to apply the law of attraction, 12 steps to happiness, how to release your inner magic Positive psychology gone wrong.

In this workshop we draw on stories from the life, works, values and virtues of Leonardo from Vinci - and explore how take responsibility and be the change you wish to see, lighten your dark side, balance your different parts, sharpen your powers of observation and be mindful, seek your truth, cultivate curiosity and wonder, practice love, integrate body-mind-spirit. Live life whole heartedly.

Our promise is that you will find insights, encouragement and direction. On your journey you will experience healing, and affirming humane interactions that add value to your life. Leaders will especially benefit from this workshop.

You are Braver than you Believe, Smarter than you Seem, and Stronger than you Think - Winnie the Pooh

As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed - Vincent van Gogh

I find comfort in it, in the idea of a pattern, of a narrative of my life, like a photograph in a dark room, a story that slowly emerges and affirms the good I have always wanted to see in myself. It sustains me, this story - Khaled Hosseini (And the Mountains Echoed Bloomsbury 2013

You can let your garden grow, but weeds and flowers will grow together, it will be messy and out of control. Or you can tend to your garden and choose which plants you want to cultivate and how you want it to look. It is the same with your mind. You can reorganize it and cultivate an approach that works for you, not against you Anja van Kralingen of the Applied Jung Institute