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Leadership Retreat





Labyrinth at the Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, Natal:


Enjoy conversations and contemplations during a deep dive immersive, reflective and rejuvenating weekend designed to build and sharpen your governance, leadership and storytelling skills.

This is a unique opportunity to share and learn in a peaceful, supportive space.

Friday afternoon Enjoy the surroundings, dine, get to know each other around a fire in a boma setting.



Saturday After a pre-breakfast session where we share our dreams, visions and expectations for the day, we breakfast, then enter the immersive self-directed learning zones that are followed by periods of reflection and feedback. You may choose to work with topics such as:

  • The growing contributions of storytelling, gathering and listening in corporate life and story as Ubuntu. New patterns of story that run counter to the combative, divisive ‘single story’ models now prevalent
  • Work/ home balancing, and techniques for interior balancing and lightening, including mindfulness and meditation
  • Exploring purpose, compassion, spiritual maturity and governance, integrated 6 - capitals thinking and the practicality of sustainability and regeneration, values that hold

Saturday evening After dinner, we get together for another fireside session to discuss paradoxes, ambiguities, contradictions and non-dual thinking in leadership life. Areas of interest could include: power AND compassion, spirituality AND secular workplaces, people AND planet AND profit, crises AND opportunities …



Sunday morning Before breakfast we gather to talk about the psychology of sustainability/ regeneration, and building personal resilience, grit and other virtues. We may discuss change fatigue, findings from behavioural economics and neuroscience that smooth change processes. Resilience: (In Quiet Desperation: The Truth about Successful Men - Jan Halper conducted 4000 Fortune 500 interviews and found that many leaders thought they'd wasted their lives in the pursuit of “empty and meaningless” goals, never thought success would bring unhappiness but it did, and couldn't balance personal and professional lives satisfactorily) .

At around midday we gather to share our experiences about moving forward, obstacles and possibilities. After lunch it’s time to journey back to the “real world”.

You can expect to leave with A quietened mind, refreshed spirit, renewed clarity of purpose, reawakened resolve and a desire to infuse your organisation with what you’ve experienced




Distraction and Panic/ Focus, calm, agility, resilience & balance

Customer Centricity/ Customer, Citizen and Environmental Guardian-centricity

Profit maximization/ Sustainable triple bottom-line operations

Talent/Employee-engagement push/ Purpose-driven pull

Typical Values/ Displayed Character Virtues

Traditional structures/ Internal communities

BBEEE conformance/ Positively harnessed Diversity

Rules-driven/ Spontaneous leading through mindfulness

First-tier thinking/ Second-tier thinking

Who should participate Current and future leaders looking to become even more adept at handling pressures, distractions, complexities, internal politics and life’s imbalances. Anyone who needs to ‘sharpen the axe’ , get ready to move forward deftly. Leaders who wish to return to their organisations and lead from the inside out

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” - Marcel Proust

We do not think ourselves into new ways of living. We live ourselves into new ways of thinking” - Richard Rohr







Our approach is non-directive. We hold a space for your self-driven journey to authenticity, influence and a meaningful legacy. We facilitate only in response to specific requests/invitations by you during your journey. The aim is to enable and nurture your evolution to becoming what Ken Wilbur terms a ‘second tier thinker’, to developing superior self-reflection, exploration and assessment skills, and to storyboard your chosen life, work and relationship journeys.

Our facilitators are well qualified, have experienced hardship, held leadership positions and understand the business world intimately, practice the techniques that they love sharing, have a passion for the development of others as leaders – and avoiding what Ed Schein calls ‘eloquent abstractions’ so that your learning is grounded practically. They are:








Steve Bánhegyi Bsc(Hons), MBPS is a facilitator, consultant and educational media developer with over 30 years consulting experience. My first "real job" after leaving university was as a management consultant after which I worked as a lecturer in Information Systems at Wits University for 4.5 years. I have consulted to diverse clients including government, NGOs, listed and private companies in the area of change and storytelling. My specialist areas include Storytelling, Systems Theory and Dynamics, KM, AI and NI (Artificial and Natural Intelligence), Change Management, Creativity and Thinking Skills. .





Gerhard van Rensburg (DTh, MCom leadership studies) founded New Era Leadership in and worked as a leadership and executive coach, development facilitator and academic supervisor since 2005. He authored two books on leadership and is well-known for his articles in the leadership field and as a column writer for the CEO magazine. Gerhard van Rensburg is an experienced coach who has equipped me over the years to cope with the stresses and strains of life at the peak of an organisation. His calmness is infectious; his insight impressive and his ability to create distance crucial. Gerhard provides leadership frameworks that enables anyone to develop and to become independent from the coach. Leon Vermaak - CEO Telesure. Gauteng.






Graham Williams Hons B Com, BA, CMC is a management consultant, coach, thought provoker, narrative practitioner, author. His purpose is to bring healing to individuals, groups and organisations A recent CEO client has said: “Fantastic. In a word that’s how I describe Graham’s executive coaching prowess. Supported by unerring intuition for both content and pace, he has a gentle yet no-nonsense way of creating space for creative exploration, and encouraging clients to be themselves, confront issues, push their boundaries and arrive at clarity”