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ONE -on - ONE Coaching


No matter where you are on your personal journey of growth, evolution and transformation, coaching offers ways out of ‘stuck-ness’, ways to reach your full potential. I am a CMC - with the Institute of Management Consultants and Coaches of South Africa.


My coaching is built around an unwavering focus on the client’s healing and growth, and has a distinct spiritual dimension because this umbrellas the rest of the whole person - physical, intellectual, emotional, and social A recent CEO client (Jonathan Jacobson, Metropolis Design) has said: “Fantastic. In a word that’s how I describe Graham’s executive coaching prowess. Supported by unerring intuition for both content and pace, he has a gentle yet no-nonsense way of creating space for creative exploration, and encouraging clients to be themselves, confront issues, push their boundaries and arrive at clarity He blends listening, empathy and a passion for unleashing the latent potential in others with his extensive business experience.

Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner believed that “the richest learning comes from narrative”, and not only in individual coaching but in an organisational setting I conduct “conversations” using anecdote circle technology as a safe container for sharing, listening, surfacing valuable information and feelings (beyond the 'edges' of what clients may previously have explored).

Building resilience is a speciality. Sustaining our individual wholeness and allowing ourselves to flourish, whatever the circumstances, is essential to living a meaningful life supported by the three pillars of reflection, relationships and resilience.
My coaching activity is both live and via Skype.

As an experienced executive coach of many years, and a member of the Institute of Management Consultants and Coaches, I "supervise", mentor coaches entering the profession


My own signature presence:


I’ve worked as a big corporate employee, entrepreneurial start-up, and independent consultant and coach, have experienced business life in over 40 countries in a wide range of sectors at all levels, leading transformative projects on balanced scorecard measurement, establishing 24/7 multi-channel, multi-process contact centres, negotiating South Africa’s first Motorway Service Area, Shell UK’s margin-management system for use in a highly price-elastic market ….. My engagement with clients is about far more than process, and allows for deep dives into the practical exploration of content from a basis of real experience.

I majored in Psychology and Economics at University and also read Sociology, Consumer Behaviour, Advanced Human Resource Studies .... I’ve been a LifeLine counsellor and am a certified Management Consultant, neuro-linguistic practitioner, and author of several business books. These address customer service, sustainability, values and virtues, leadership and change. Having said all of this, my signature presence as a coach comes down to valuing humility, a two-way learning process, and an absolute focus on the client’s needs and potential


Finding and Following your Purpose

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be” - Patanjali, ancient Indian sage
Follow proven, scientifically – validated ways of being and doing - according to your unique purpose.

Developing your story confidence and competence

Story modes, elements and patterns (as well as metaphor and images) are a springboard for careers and organisational healing and improvement. They are an Ubuntu process. They enable connection, engage, inspire, and lead to action. Learn to utilise the power and potential of story. Develop your story competence. Deftly apply story to any business situation in any area of the business you’re in

Building your resilience, achieving balance

Cultivate “bounce-back-ability”, winning behaviours, and deeper mindfulness practices and techniques that allow for huge, positive shifts in life.
"Contemplation is the only ultimate answer to the unreal and insane world that our financial systems and our advertising culture and our chaotic and unexamined emotions encourage us to inhabit”. - Archbishop Rowan Williams






The Culture-Scan process consists of a fast-feedback-loop survey of a chosen topic/ an immersion process for groups and their members/story circles/and employee-led implementation. 

Culture is how a collective/ organisation thinks and feels and acts, what they relate to, believe in and share together. This includes their values, rituals, norms, underlying assumptions, how they do things, how they respond to problems, decisions, challenges and change. What makes them “tick”, “come alive” and what their comfort zones are.

Story (and anecdote, imagery, metaphor) is part of our DNA, a special way of sharing, making sense of things, inspiring, conveying insight, a means for people to learn and decide what action they will take. A remarkable blend of art, science and mystique - creativity, reason and something higher.




This is what Circles are and do. An Acronym:

·         A safe, CONTAINED SPACE. A unique social construct where people are heard, build collective intelligence and companionship

·         An INCUBATOR for the ‘whole person’ and a shared, emerging future. Deeper mindfulness, relating, thinking and knowing develops naturally. A ‘shared mind’ begins to emerge

·         A RELATIONAL CAPACITY BUILDER. Circle participation equips individuals to connect across all diversities

·         Free-flowing CONVERSING at a deep level. This fits snugly with David Bohm’s dialogue process

·         A LEARNING SPACE where knowledge and systemic knowing, and maturities happen. Ken Wilbur describes as waking up, growing up, and becoming ready to clean up and show up

·         An ENLARGEMENT opportunity for participants. Growth mind-sets, outward ripple effect


We coach you and give you the means to do this in your own organisation. Contact me now.





CONTACT ME AT or drop me a Skype message at graham.lynette