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The Halo and the Noose

The Halo and the Noose, the power of story telling and story listening in business life.
by Dorian Haarhoff & Graham Williams

The Halo and the Noose ( ISBN 978-0-620-42701-2 ) offers an innovative approach to the stories that beat in the heart of an organization. Here are techniques and practical applications. At a deeper level the book shows a way of being in business and doing business. The book will raise your story IQ so you can hear and tell your work life in a new and vital way.
The authors set out their complex and important themes with an impressive directness and clarity. They achieve this by the simple, persuasive device of practicing what they preach. For the narrative moves
between argument and story in a seamless way which argues a deep but unobtrusive scholarship in the literatures, cultures and traditions of many societies.

Questions about the Halo and the Noose

Why a book about story telling and story listening in business?
Research shows convincingly that people relate well to story - they identify, become interested, their right-brains become involved, they suspend belief and counterargument, learn, are motivated, memory is enhanced, and action results. Story brings an added dimension to employees - who don't always take well to jargon, data, bullet point slide presentations, and the like. Story also teaches the critical communication competencies of speaking, writing, forging emotional connection, building rapport, listening...

Why is the book titled The Halo and the Noose?
In our day-to-day communications, the gap between being effective, influential, positive or ineffective, strangled, and shut-out is a very small gap, yet the difference can be huge - like halo or noose. As Dan McKinnon has said: "A halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose”

What is the book about?
Written in three main sections, the book covers not only the way and how of story telling and listening, but the ways in which stories work in business. It is loaded with findings, advice and tips addressing many business topics, and contains numerous anecdotes, quotes and stories.

What readership or audience is the book aimed at?
This book is a very useful resource for educators, leaders, coaches, sales persons, contact centre and service staff, and those tasked with fostering learning and development within their organisations. It is also essential for anyone wishing to become more adept at telling their own stories.

What makes this book different?
The Tony Grogan illustrations support the stories in the book beautifully, bring their own insights, and act as memory - anchors. His pictures are worth thousands of words. The over 100 stories and their applications are drawn from a truly diverse range of countries, cultures, languages and religions - yet their messages are universal.

How will the reader benefit (at a personal level) from reading this book?
Expected outcomes are that readers will learn how to compose and tell stories that stick, learn how to gain fresh insights from listening, contribute towards building social intelligence. It is also a reference for aspects of professionalism that may need addressing - for example, time and stress management, attitude to and use of money, expanding limiting belief bubbles, operating within a team, becoming more mindful..... The book is also an excellent resource to have on hand for those looking for illustrations (trainers, coaches, leaders....) or needing to deliver a speech or presentation with impact.

How could the Halo and the Noose be used within organisations?
In normal or recessionary times, business needs to engage those who are disengaged (especially the talented). The book stimulates thinking about this endeavour and it also gets the creative juices flowing regarding many aspects of organisational life: making and executing strategy, embracing change, finding meaning in work, developing leadership competencies, coaching........

What special expertise do the authors bring to business and social literature?
The authors boast lifetimes of story-telling and business consulting in many countries around the world - North and South Americas, West and East Europe, the Far East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand; and have the gift of transferring knowledge and skill to others.

What do others say about the Halo and the Noose?
Reviewers and endorsers have been drawn from opinion leaders in Europe, the USA, Africa - and have been unified in their unstinting praise.

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