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Applauding Psychologically Safe Workplaces: Using the acronym C L A P to find the way to seeing each other through rather than seeing through each other, and real belonging 

From the Inside Out
Explore a new model of the human dynamics of sustainability - that allows you to nurture your triple bottom line


Projects as incubators of cascading culture change to the wider organisation: Leading edge research offering a fine competitive advantage to savvy leaders


From Values to Virtues: Discover simple, novel and effective ways to ensure that every employee embodies and lives your organisational values


When NOT to tell your story
Story can heal or hurt the teller and the listener. There are situations when it is best to withhold your story: projecting your brand, delivering a keynote address, holding a crucial conversation……..


The Dark Side of Leadership
A leader lapsing into unconscious pathological behaviour can cause wide-spread organisational toxicity in a flash. Alas, these events are seldom spotted before it’s too late


Popular myths that undermine business success
‘The customer is always king’, ‘Contact Centres work’, ‘Diversity is good for business’, ‘Aim for best-practice’……….. an exploration of these half-truths and how to ensure your business doesn’t fall prey to them

Why Triple-Bottom-Line Thinking isn't Working
The long road from compliance to breakthrough performance


Decoding Da Vinci's Virtues
Discover how an exploration of Leonardo From Vinci's life and virtues can enable living of a fuller life and change the way business is conducted