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Narrative Approach to Leadership

A Narrative approach to Head, Heart & Hands Leadership

Head, Heart and Hands competencies work together for the modern leader who makes a lasting difference. In this in-house workshop leaders learn to:

Head skills

  • Formulate scenario, vision and change-imperative stories that inform and engage
  • Do research and make sense of complex issues, creatively solving problems
  • Get insight by discovering that you don’t know what you don’t know about how your people are thinking and feeling

Heart skills

  • Connect emotionally, build rapport, ensure, inspire
  • Develop strategic listening and questioning
  • Cultivate a sharing culture where people live the values
  • Harness diversity, conflict and differences of opinion – to achieve better outcomes

Hands skills

  • Be both Hands-on and Hands-off
  • Get your messages to stick, get things to happen, get results
  • Deftly steer change and transition

“The principal vehicle of leadership is the story: the leader affects individual behavior, thought, and feelings through the stories that he and she tells” - Prof Howard Gardner, Harvard University

"Forget traditional positioning and brand-centric approaches to marketing. We're now in the 'Age of the Narrative' where the biggest challenge facing companies is how to communicate their story in the most compelling, consistent and credible way possible -- both internally and externally“ - William Ryan, Founding Partner, Portola Strategies