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Living your storied Life

Identify the life-stage you are in, discover your purpose, see your life as an unfolding story, and enter the adventure and become fully alive.

How we interpret the narratives within our Life Story is crucial in influencing our life affirming energy, centredness, creativity and vitality, and countering the destructiveness and self-sabotage that can happen along the way.

Fear and Love are key emotions as our lives engage with inevitable change and loss. When we leave a relationship, the country, lose our health, or change our jobs we are confronted with challenges to our identity, contentment and equilibrium. We are thrust into transition – uncharted territory of mind and heart, a place of insecurity, uncertainty, stress, energy-depletion. Yet also a place of new insights and self-discovery that can enrich, restore our balance and renew us. New beginnings.

By opening up to story, anecdote and metaphor we can become liberated, begin to hear and tell our work and personal lives in new and vital ways, discover the ‘hero within’, become our own therapist, embrace transformation. Like the lotus flower, we bloom and seed new beginnings. We reach into what may be murky depths and produce something of infinite beauty and worth.

An experiential and practical retreat that equips participants with tools to act with greater awareness, calmness, imagination and courage.

Facilitated by Peter Fox and Graham Williams

Should you wish this to be run as an in-house workshop for your organisation, contact Graham at Cell: 0846285703