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Narrative Breakthroughs

We are hardwired for story and metaphor, and in the throes of continual change. Narrative Breakthroughs is a two-day experiential workshop that brings together story, anecdote, metaphor and change, transition to raise consciousness and uncover new possibilities at three levels: personal, organisational, world. The workshop is offered as a customised in-house programme – so that the learning is directly related to the organisation and its people’s specific issues and challenges. The programme is competence-based.

We use experiential, consciousness-raising and action learning methodologies. Create an enjoyable space where participants feel safe, deal with fears and begin to explore and grow their possibilities. We use stories, creative activities and other prompts to stimulate interactive participation and build confidence. And work in small groups so that individuals can practice their listening, telling and witnessing skills, and support each other’s learning. Post-workshop we leave behind a guide for the organization and individuals to further and to practice their narrative expertise, suggested resources, and a competency-set with behaviour indicators - to enable the self-measurement of progress.

The workshop consists of four modules:

Setting the scene

The power of stories
  • Why and when stories, anecdotes, metaphor work
  • What happens when a story is told
  • How story differs from other communication techniques

The elements of story

  • Players and roles: teller, listener, witness, the story
  • The story journey. Mindfulness and imagination
  • Anatomy of story: pattern, process, shape
  • Words and metaphors
The intention of story
  • Ethics
  • Expressing and impressing
  • Raising consciousness

Personal breakthroughs

Who you are and who you want to be
  • Motivational fingerprint, personality, roles, identities, relationships
  • Developing your story confidence and competence

The heroic journey

  • What is change? The transition cycle
  • Types of changes that stories could help people though crisis, loss, confusion
  • A call to adventure, the discovery of meaning

Writing your new story

  • Choices
  • Reframing, midrash, active imagination and the archetypal hero within
  • Resonance and influence

Being a character in another’s story
  • Listening, witnessing, story-catching
  • Assertiveness, emotional and social intelligence, charisma
  • Use of stories by coaches, team leaders, carers, friends

Organisational breakthroughs

Expanding usage via various types of story
  • Effectiveness of springboard stories, scenarios, vision, war stories, personal stories, stories to enliven learning…..
Useful techniques that go beyond current practices
  • Anecdote circle research
  • Metaphor elicitation
  • Observation, deepening mindfulness, consciousness - raising
  • Sense-making
  • Emotional connection in selling
  • Sensory and dialogue branding

Impacts on performance

  • Open culture (listening, questioning, sharing, innovating)
  • Reinforcement of shared values
  • Smoothing transitions
  • Improved narrative competence
  • Mindfulness and imagination stimulate innovation

Changing the World

Stories and metaphors that have changed the world

  • Stories from business, religion, government, medicine………
How the change happens
  • The nature of influence
  • Butterfly effects
  • Belief systems
Organisation challenges and possibilities
  • Social, environment, business integration: people, planet, profits
  • Change and responsiveness
  • Being part of a bigger picture
  • Becoming great

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