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Story Matters @ Work eWorkBook

We are all immersed in and surrounded by stories throughout our lives from cradle to grave; at the preconscious, unconscious and collective conscious levels from sperm to worm; and perhaps beyond from ancestry to the collective unconscious. This has been the case since time immemorial. Story is a natural part of our humanity.

In Part One we:

  • underline the key principles involved
  • open the way for you to becoming a master story-teller
  • explore the variety of roles for story at work
  • expound the central keys to story-telling and listening - mindfulness and imagination

In Part Two we offer do-it yourself guides to:

Elevator stories When you have limited time in which to make a necessary, powerful impact on someone who could be important to your success
The Corporate story When there is a need to convey the story of your organization to existing and potential shareholders, stakeholders and customers
Sharing a personal story at work When at an important job interview, as a member of a team facing joint challenges
Story and Training When training needs to become more engaging and effective
Problems and decisions changes When lateral thinking, creativity, bold decisiveness are required
Change challenges When a change event or transition process happens
Belonging and connecting Business is about people and people power comes from connecting and belonging this need is ever present
Crucial conversations When a critical, life or relationship-altering conversation crops up, expected or unexpected, and there is divergence of opinion and lots of emotion involved
Prospecting and selling When prospecting and selling endeavours should be improved
Service and sales loop When the existence of this loop needs to be reinforced and leveraged
Shared values Successful organizations are values-driven. When espoused values need to be spontaneously lived, use story as the catalyst
Business measures When tackling the complex area of deciding upon, executing and measuring key success areas
Metaphor research and use Whenever customers need to be listened to, advertising campaigns are designed, important corporate stories need to be told and heard
Poetry When a different approach may yield further insights

For a sample chapter of the book click here

This resource is highly recommended for speakers, presenters, trainers, coaches, leaders, managers, sales persons and service providers. Buy this eWorkbook and become different and better at all story matters @ work!

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