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Being different and better

I use narrative as a contributor to healthy dynamics and business success in my consulting and workshop interventions. My PURPOSE is to facilitate discovery and accessing of healing, wholeness and resilience by organisations and their members, creating the safe space in which this happens.

The organisational story movement world-wide appears focused on the creation of an organisation's story for purposes of conveying its history and values in a way that appeals to, and forges an emotional connection with potential recruits, potential clients and other stakeholders. Or teaching leaders to tell stories that convince and persuade followers. 

I go beyond, and follow a multi-dimensional approach aimed at using story-telling and story-listening in many different ways and contexts for different purposes. The common factor is to engage, involve, convey insights and stimulate meaningful conversations. Narrative plays many direct, indirect, obvious and subtle roles in contributing to business success in many more areas. Aids a shift from ‘noose’ (things that strangle, block, hold us hostage) to ‘halo’ (things that liberate, expand us). A healing process. "Graham is among the best writers I have ever met. Up there with Randy Carlson (Ironherder). Deeply profoundly brilliant, innovative, unique, and academically rigorous and wise. He understands life and challenge too - very very deeply" - Alan Chapman who set up

Scope of my activities:

  • Conducting conversations that transform. See 
  • BounceBackAbility: building personal resilience to change and adversity . 
  • Formulating scenarios and visions. Both stories of future possibilities or desires, and along the way sharing of personal experiences and expectations by those involved in the process complement analyses of trends, forecasting and prediction, hoped-for outcomes
  • Giving a presentation/talk. A presentation may be crafted as a story and also enlivened by illuminating stories that raise consciousness, ensure engagement, influence positively
  • Projecting the Brand through narrative. Story has become a favoured means of projecting the organisation’s ‘persona’, and individual product and service stories reinforce this
  • Instilling values and virtues. Stories play a part in identifying and arriving at shared core values, and also in illustrating the values, making them clear, acting as reference points for living the values spontaneously. Gamification, narrative and customised executive education is used to ensure that values become virtues.
  • Facilitating teamwork. Story sharing, telling, avoiding the ‘single story’ about a person or event where there is diversity, war stories, inspiring stories, during conflict or crucial conversations, stories to cement purpose, contribution, accountability…….
  • Building social intelligence. Story listening, developing empathy, confidence-building, promoting mindfulness/ awareness
  • Stimulating innovation. Imagination precedes innovation, and stories are carriers of wisdom and insight
  • Forging emotional connections with clients. Savvy sales people use story, work from the why to how and what, show their vulnerabilities, are tuned-in to hear their client’s stories
  • Knowledge Management. Capturing and disseminating successes and failures, tacit knowledge
  • Training. Illustrative stories, metaphor exercises, stories that facilitate problem solving, decision making. Stories that merge ‘aha’ and ‘ha ha’
  • Coaching. Stories that offer alternative perspectives, facilitate reframing
  • Doing research. Anecdote circles are now a good way of collecting valid information quickly and reliably, making sense of issues. Metaphor elicitation a very effective way to ascertaining deeply held client perspectives and opinions
  • Steering transition. Story as a springboard to a change initiative, stories along the transition journey of disruption, the call to adventure, chaos and creativity, stories that grow coping mechanisms
  • Teaching leaders about leadership, and the why, when, how of sharing stories, using metaphorsand anecdotal evidence and insight. We use Skype to hold strategic conversations. Our approach is customised down to the individual level as needed. Clients also plug into our growing database of articles and newsletters to stay abreast of cutting edge thinking in leadership and organisational dynamics
  • Steering organisations towards sustainability/ regeneration - which often involves establishing a higher purpose, with attendant, supporting actions
  • Intervention process (involving whole-person dynamics - physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual) - developed to enable organisations and members to discover and access their healing, wholeness, resilience and potential. 
  • Management Contributor to 12 MANAGE


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(A 2013 Booz & Co report showed that 85% of CEOs and Executives believe that culture is critical to sustained success, and 96% think culture change is needed in their organisation. (Kuppler, Tim New Study: 96% Think Culture Change is Needed in Their Organization

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I have been actively involved in executive, business and life coaching for many years and try and exemplorise the art, science and magic of coaching.





To look at these offerings in more detail, place your cursor on 'WHAT I DO' at the top of the Home Page, and select from the items in the Drop Down box that appears.


Workshops are a core activity. All workshops are processes rather than events. Prior to the workshop participants may be provided with reading matter and references as preparation. And after the workshops they have ongoing access with the facilitators for ongoing dialogue and support. And of course, the Halo and Noose website contains constantly new information and exercises to promote continual learning: newsletters, articles, other website resources. In some way all workshops are storytelling and listening interventions - whatever the subject matter (conflict management, sustainability, developing purpose and virtues, mindfulness practices .....)

A relatively new development for in-house clients is to offer a one - day workshop over a period of time. So, for example I will deliver four two-hour modules every Tuesday at 10:00 if the client finds this easier to manage and more convenient than a one-day eight - to - five workshop ...


Workshop Reviews and Clients









"It was an eye-opener and experience to listen and learn through stories. This course resonated with me at a very deep level. In addition to workplace application I am definitely transferring this learning to my family and all who will listen. It was life changing".

"This training program has opened my eyes to the abundant richness of an aspect of African culture which had not been sufficiently exploited in recent times. Who would have thought that simple Ananzi stories of the Akan ethnic group of Ghana, for example, are so full of wisdom and wisecracks to the extent that they could be used to enrich management decisions at the workplace. I commend this program to all organizations who are looking for innovative ways of training their human resource" - CEO, Business Council for Africa Accra, Ghana

“The workshop came at a perfect time. It was a good morale booster, team builder, as well as a motivation to do our own introspection”

“I thought that the sessions were great. Not only can I make use of what I have learned at work, but more so in my private life. I discovered that there are huge opportunities for personal growth”

"Our sincere thanks for running a very different workshop that gently accessed and dealt with deep responses"

"Thank you for the gifts you brought. You made us laugh, you made us think, and helped us to unbutton hidden and untold parts of ourselves. Your stories, warmth and wisdom touched us all and your gifts will continue to multiply and spread. we were all made richer for your presence"

"We thrilled to your anecdotes and stories. The ugly duckling has never before evoked such emotion! Healing, inspiring, calming"

"I found it inspirational yet practical. It will be so useful in my work and in my everyday life"

"Dorian and Graham, you make a formidable team and the synergy is palpable. 
You focused perfectly on the aim of our week end.... emotional connection.... well done and thank you" - Southern Sun Director of Operations

"You gave us really valuable tools. The ‘toolbox’ is full and now I have to go to the ‘workshop’ and ‘work’. Thank you for so much sharing"

"A very meaningful learning process – we have much work to do! Thank you"

"Dorian and Graham’s experiences and their endless stock of stories were mindboggling. We took away useful ideas for story-telling, and how to use this back in the both the workplace and home environment"

"Thank you for a fascinating time with you. It has opened up a whole new realm of thinking for me as to how I run my life, and how we communicate our business"

"This mind-map will be adapted as our road map for 2014" - Communications Manager, P&G

"Your approach is brilliant. I'm expanding on these ideas at meetings now"

"Thank your for an awesome and inspiring morning. Together you created a space for us to hold and unfold with seamless ease"

"It was such a special weekend and lovely to spend it with an amazing group of people. I came up with my first story in the shower this morning yippee, albeit three lines, it’s a start!!"

“Your stories, warmth and wisdom have touched us all. We are all the more richer for your presence”