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In response to demand, our repertoire of workshops keeps on growing. They address various aspects of personal, team and organisational transformation.

In the drop-down box under 'What I Do With You' on our home page, you are able to access details of these workshops:

• An African Story
• Leader,Governor, Executive Retreat
• Building BounceBackability
• Applying da Vinci Virtues for Personal Growth
• Effective Leadership
• Moving your Organisation from Values to Virtues - for high performance
• Living Your Storied Life
• A Narrative Approach for Leadership
• Narrative Breakthroughs (Change at personal, organisation, societal levels)
• Organisational Character
• Story Techniques for story practitioners
• Developing a Culture of Sustainability (From the Inside Out)

The duration of any workshop is determined by the client: (A number of clients have difficulty in arranging days away from work for training purposes. Their preference, for example, is for a one day workshop to be run over four weeks in 2 hour modules at a set time each week. I'm very happy to accommodate such arrangements).

Story telling and listening in business life: Menu of typical workshops

Half-day workshop
One-day workshop
Two-day workshop
Introduction to story telling and listening The why, what, when, how, who and where of story
Leaders,Senior & Middle Managers Introducing a story culture
Creating your organisation's story
Story in scenario planning, strategy formation
Story as a change and transition mechanism
Annual company report
Using story to inculcate business values, make sense of issues
Stories to inspire, improve service levels, customer interactions, promote the Brand
Employees Enhancing communication and presentation skills via story - and elevator stories Creating stories to facilitate meaning, mindfulness, mindset Story as an aid to problem solving, decision making, time and stress management
HR Specialists Coach & trainer stories to engage, raise performance Using story to improve EQ and SQ Café table conversations about key HR issues

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