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Designed as an added-value offering for clients of the luxury retreat.
In this tranquil space, participants gain precious insights, have fun, are inspired, experience mind-shifts, and discover new answers by taking advantage of our menu of delicious offerings. Each programme is run over one or two days according to client's preference, is participative, experiential, practical and addresses the real life issues that they are facing. Clients choose from:

Assertive communication and emotional intelligence

Career progression, team harmony, customer service delivery and sales effectiveness all benefit from communication skills informed by neuroscience, designed to resolve conflict, and forge emotional connections that count. Learn to give powerful and persuasive business presentations with purpose, passion and panache.

Storytelling and listening for improved business performance

Anecdote circles for appreciative enquiry and sense-making, metaphor elicitation and other narrative techniques have taken hold in the corporate world – in branding, coaching, leadership, scenario formation, culture transformation, training and a host of other areas. Unconscious stories can sabotage an organisation. Conscious stories allow choices, offer growth and facilitate transformation. Learn how to craft, tell and capture the stories that live in your business.

Building change and stress resilience in your organisation

In a world of constant change and growing demands, clever and deft planning, implementing and coping with change – at organisation, team and individual levels – is vital. Become swimmers not sinkers.

Unleashing your creative imagination

Drawing on insights from Roger Oesch’s explorer, artist, judge and warrior archetypes, Edward de Bono’s lateral thinking and even insights from Leonardo da Vinci (perhaps the greatest innovator of all time), your team will discover how to innovate together, and keep your business ahead of the game. Whatever your challenge: sales, service, product, brand, process ….

Introducing virtues-based leadership

Learn how leading companies have benefitted from making virtues-based decisions. How disconnects between stated values and actual behaviours may be prevented. How intrinsic motivation is activated.

Making right decisions and solving problems without agonising

Apply a framework and use templates for solving problems and making decisions quickly and accurately. Mobilise the logical, intuitive and emotional in teams and individually.


Move beyond forced compliance to introduce sustainability practices across the entire business-chain, learn to traverse the ever growing web of interconnectedness, and latch on to practices that work internally and externally. Learn nature’s lessons.

Managing your time and energy with ever-increasing workloads

No sooner is one issue handled than another two appear. In a world of sometimes bewildering pace, change and competitive pressures spurred on by information and communications technology and social changes, how does the busy, frazzled executive, leader, manager maintain a good work/life balance, remain sane? Find answers at this workshop.

Harnessing the richness of diversity

Forget about B-BBEE and all that. Here’s how to make diversity work for you. Here’s how to cut through stereotyping, prejudice and power-games, break down silos.


Time to revisit your vision? Discover a process for a values-based formulation of a shared vision that glues the organisation together, takes account of ‘black swans’ and scenario planning, asks you to look both inside and outside.

Employing deeper mindfulness

Neuroscience is showing how properly applied mindfulness can improve productivity, creativity, client service and business performance. On this workshop you will learn why and how, and take way the 9M model of deeper mindfulness.

Propelling customer service to new heights

Customer complaints increasing, process stumbling blocks being experienced, people issues, technology hampering instead of helping, contact centre no more than average, value-proposition weakening? The secrets to customer service excellence are explored during this workshop – both the forgotten basics from the past as well as new discoveries and insights.

Two optional extras:

What makes teams work?

By going beyond roles and tasks, understanding each other's personality type, motivational fingerprint, thinking style, hardiness to change and their stories, leverage your team to improve the way they take accountability, contribute their unique expertise and meet the team's purpose.



DAY 1: Introductions and roadmap

  • Why story and metaphor?
  • How to access, construct and tell stories
  • Social intelligence and prospecting and selling effectiveness
  • Meaning and mindset (framing and reframing)
  • Mindfulness and values
  • Culture and change

DAY 2: Enhancing internal family bonds

  • Improving client service intimacy and building relationships based on a value proposition
  • Different format organisational stories for different purposes
  • Lessons from Warren Buffet
  • Action learning assignment to develop a plan to successfully infuse story throughout the organisation