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The quality of the relationships that we have in our lives have much to do with the stories we tell to others and ourselves. Story-Bridging provides methods, processes and dynamics of building bridges through story at the personal, community, organisational and nation-state levels. Appraising and changing your stories when necessary has the power to develop strong, productive relationships at work, at home and in our social lives,

Stories, when shared in conversation, have the power to change and create opportunities, friendships and alliances for better or worse.

The book, published by Books33 has been released as a Paperback for the Indian market and for the Global market as a Kindle e-Pub:


The book is priced to make it affordable to as many as possible (₹350,   $4,    R75) and available at:

Amazon Kindle version: Amazon: , OR:

Paperback version printed in India:


Workshops for your organisation, based on the book and run by the authors, may be arranged through me: