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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Workplaces


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84 pages

Commissioned by Academy of Culture Ambassadors for their Culture ROLE MODELS© web site ( this booklet offers a baker’s dozen of ancient insights that have a bearing on modern business philosophy, culture and performance.


JOHN RF PENBERTHY. MCDR, PGDip (Disp Sett), BA (Phys Ed)(Psych), HRD Penberthy& Associates (Pty) Ltd. Civil & Commercial Mediators. Australia.
"An extraordinary assemblage of beautiful thinking, it sets the tone for a healing mind-set which is so necessary to contemporary corporate culture. It is also just long enough and just short enough to be grasped and appreciated as a whole message.

For 2017 I would advocate that organisations take this message and spread it through the machinery of what makes up the working parts of the enterprise. It’s like a good lubricant - it doesn’t need abundance to keep the engine working freely without overheating – this is enough and essential that it is spread evenly and universally.

Bravo my friend!"

GERALD WAGNER, PH.D. DIRECTOR, INSPIRED ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES, INC."This is a masterpiece of work and I hope the public recognizes that"

PAT GRAYSON, HEARTSPACE BOOKS: "Excellent. In many ways is most profound" 

Ancient wisdom remains most relevant in the business environment today and has stood the test of time. It is as if those pearls of wisdom bubbles to the top or using a gold panning analogy, once the water and dirt is washed away, the gold remains, forever.

A cherished encouragement from EDGAR SCHEIN, Ph.D: 

“I have just finished your wonderful gift on the Internet  about Ancient Wisdom. It is a great collection that has put in one document so many separate thoughts and insights that are scattered in our literature.  I love all the stories and quotations that you provide. My own efforts along these lines with many stories are in my recent book Humble Consulting (2016) and will be elaborated in the book I am doing with my son which will be called Humble Leadership.  

I would love to meet you sometime and discuss the dilemma of how to get more of these ideas implemented in the business world that still operates by a strong culture of competitive individualism and bureaucracy that creates unnecessary distance between people”.  

(Ed Schein’s career first took root with his studies of coercive persuasion (interviewing returning American prisoners of war), he was Sloan Professor of Management Emeritus at the Sloan School of Management at the MIT, received a Life Time Achievement Award from the International Leadership Association, and is widely respected as the doyen of organizational culture).

Anatomy of the booklet: