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The Halo and the Noose Version 2

NOW RELEASED! By popular demand - Version 2 of

THE HALO AND THE NOOSE: the power of storytelling and story listening in business life


Book Overview An innovative approach to leadership – The Halo and the Noose will show you how to harness the stories that beat at the heart of an organisation, to revolutionise your work and your work life, build your Story IQ

EXTRA 25% New Content includes applying story ethics, deeper mindfulness, evaluating story competence and applications in organisations, qualitative research to improve team relationships and approaches to sustainability, the neuroscience of connecting to others, and much more ….


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The book, The Halo and the Noose, crafted by Graham Williams and Dorian Haarhof enticingly invites the reader to bring story awareness into our daily lives and in turn this invites us to bring our hearts into the workplace. We are living in narratives and living out narratives (whether we are aware of them or not). The authors challenge us to become aware of the scripts we are following individually and culturally in our organisations and to examine whether they still serve us. Drawing on the interrelationships between our 'left and right' brain as clarified in neuroscience, this book inspires and cultivates the reader’s Story Intelligence. The authors share 13 ways that stories work, as well as storytelling guidelines. In doing so, they make intricate concepts and patterns clearly understandable. They take the reader on a journey to explore the power of story and how leaders can bring stories to life in the workplace. Bringing story and business together connects business back to the historical journey of humanity. Short chapters help busy people to work their way through the material one bite at a time. A useful tool to measure story competence and story application is provided. Working through this delightful book reconnects the reader with a time of wonderous storytelling from early childhood and makes one contemplate how was it that we wandered away from this source of innovation, inspiration and imagination.


POISED: Our Australia-based publisher of The Halo and the Noose is busy concluding a Chinese marketing and Distribution deal through over 2500 book shops. A 400 million educated, middle class with disposable income augers well. Timing is the start of 2020 - arrangements including translating takes time. An underlying assumption is that the market there is not battered by trade and other wars! Fingers and toes crossed.