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FROM THE INSIDE OUT: the human dynamics of sustainability





David Rosenstein (founder of Neural Sense) and Graham Williams facilitated a workshop for Procter & Gamble at the Sustainable Brands Cape Town 2016 How Now conference, where they were platinum sponsors of the event.

This workshop on the human dynamics of sustainability has been further developed and refined and is now available in-house for all organisations who wish to pursue meaningful sustainability initiatives.



From: African Green Elements   Issue 05   2016


Lasting organisational change in the sustainability arena is only achieved when employees fully embrace, and even lead the required initiatives, programmes, processes and activities. This workshop addresses both what the organisation’s members have to become and what they need to do consistently well in order to reach the desired levels of confidence and competence. Sustainability from the inside - out:

BEING. Mindfulness and the raising of awareness is critical in allowing people to understand, to become involved, to own a sustainability initiative. It encourages people to confront their ambivalence, trepidation and anxiety, and tackle new events and challenges by facing (not denying) their fears and choosing to utilise positive, aspirational energy. Mindfulness is also a way of contributing to necessary shifts in compassion, resilience, emotional, social and cultural intelligence. Together with a suitable future orientation (which simultaneously develops present-day skills in handling complexity, and the building of confidence and optimism), people learn to be. Then their doing manifested in ethical and sound decision making and new positive behaviours reinforce their purpose, values and commitment. A closed-loop system.

DOING. When people within the organisation are included in the decision-making process, co-operation takes place across external silos and sustainability constituents, and a framework of purpose and virtues bounds the process, they enter sustainability initiatives wholeheartedly. Decisions are filtered for future adverse consequences.
In eliciting engagement listening becomes key and story techniques such as metaphor elicitation, anecdote circle sharing and free association connected to sustainability images are incredibly powerful mechanisms for securing meaningful engagement. A number of useful approaches to assisting positive attitude and behaviour change in the context of sustainability initiatives, activities and purposes, are explored – especially from the point of view of why they work.

Workshop participants will:

• Through exercises, discussions, stories and inputs, be exposed to and understand each of these four interrelated components of the psychology of sustainability, and how they work to ensure success
• Interact with peers and experienced facilitators (steeped in neuroscience, story, psychology and business)
• Gain an awareness of the need to partnership across hitherto uncrossed external silos (including Government, educational institutions, sustainability service providers with different approaches, activist organisations, NGOs, business …) and tips on how to do so
• Leave with a framework and principles needed for implementing sustainability initiatives, projects and activities in their own organisations

Graham   084 6285703
David 084 2101630