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Newsletter 36: Words and Pictures

"Words and pictures are yin and yang, married they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent" - Dr Seuss

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Sunni Brown started the Doodle Revolution, marries words and pictures, produced a wonderful set of insights captured during a storytelling course by Robert McKee. Go to her home page then scroll down to The Infamous Robert McKee: Story Seminar in London:


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"Words and pictures are yin and yang, married they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent" Dr Seuss

From Christina Baldwin's The StoryCatcher: "Story opens up a space between people that is unbound from the reality we are standing in. Our imaginative ability to tell story and our empathetic ability to receive story, can take us anywhere and make it real"

"The task of the storyteller is to make a place where wisdom, who is like a shy animal, can come out and graze".
Jewish saying

"For we dream in narrative, daydream in narrative, remember, anticipate, hope, despair, believe, doubt, plan, revise, criticize, construct, gossip, learn, hate, and love by narrative. In order really to live, we make up stories about ourselves and others…"
Barbara Hardy in The Cool Web, 1978

"We spend our years as a tale that is told" Psalm 90:9

"Mechanical difficulties with language are the outcome of internal difficulties with thought" Elizabeth Bowen

"Writing is not like painting where you add.It is not what you put on the canvas that the reader sees. Writing is more like a sculpture where you remove,you eliminate in order to make the work visible. Even those pages you remove somehow remain"
Elie Wiesel

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