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Newsletter 33: Ethical Guidelines for story-tellers

Guidelines for story-tellers, antennae for listeners, factors for employers to think about when selecting a story practitioner...

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Guidelines for story-tellers, antennae for listeners, factors for employers to think about when deciding on an external story practitioner.

We have developed an instrument for organisations to assess the degree to which they are realising their potential to use story, as well as their current level of 'story competence' -and would welcome comment from story practitioners. if you'd like to review the draft,please contact

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We recommend five new archive articles, the first by Saskia Tjepkema - Creating Synergy through Personal Stories - practical ways to elicit anecdotes and personal stories to address complex workplace situations. The second is about sense-making of simple, complicated, complex and chaotic business situations, and refers to the work of Dave Snowden (Cynefin) and Cynthia Kurtz (Confluence Sense-Making), thirdly an article by Nigel Edwards of Pfizer and how they put 'anecdote circles' to work to improve sales results. The fourth is our Hypnotic Stories - which relates to this newsletter's ethical guidelines message. And the fifth is by Kendall Haven: Story has vast power. The Advanced Science research arm of the US Dept of Defense has recognised the power of story to wield influence, to successfully counter overwhelming force and power, effectively replace military action and intervention. (Hopefully execution is constructive and not reduced to propaganda).

Through our website we are offering (live or on-line) a Creative Writing Course. The West Cape Provincial Treasury have commissioned us to conduct an intervention to grow their people, grow their writing, grow their story competence.

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Old Tibetan saying:
"If your mind is at peace, you will be happy regardless of outer circumstances.
If your mind is disturbed, you will be unhappy regardless of outer circumstances".

"Let's remake the world in words. Not frivolously, nor To hide from what we fear, But with a purpose" Gregory Orr

"But don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth, without complicated explanation..." Rumi

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