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Newsletter 25. He shrunk the world

An examination of one man's determination to succeed, and the impact that his efforts have had on our lives

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Every year, 700 million or more of us fly to another country, and others go by other means – a community of travellers smaller only than China and India! We look at how modern day, rapid, air travel was made possible

3M, arguably one of the most innovative companies in the world, commissioned us to run an inhouse 'the brand and story, a chain reaction of innovation' workshop. This has been done and the intervention continues.

A month ago Graham was interviewed by Niki Seberini of ChaiFM 101.9

Members from Switzerland, France, Mocambique and Belgium have joined the community

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We continue to develop customised workshops that draw on story as a medium of conveying knowledge, understanding, insight and skill. These events address business issues such as scenario planning, entrenching shared values, steering transitions, establishing an innovation culture, knowledge management, customer viewpoint elicitation, setting up project teams, building social intelligence and assertiveness.

Workshops are also designed to address personal growth issues such as overcoming limiting beliefs, becoming resilient to change, building social intelligence and charisma, developing the mindfulness habit, relating to others assertively and positively, accessing the ‘hero within’ to face challenges with confidence.

We've connected with story tellers/psychologists Susan Perry and Pamela Routledge in the USA.

An article of ours appears on
It is about the bushmen of the Kgalagadi desert. Want to experience a unique desert environment in luxury acconnodation, overlooking a vast saltpan, interacting with animal life and the endangered Bushmen? This is the place.


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“I love telling stories, and I love hearing a good story being told”
Billy Joel

“Love stories. When you love them they open their mysteries. And much is hidden in them: all that humanity has found has been hidden in the parables. That’s why Jesus goes on talking in parables. Buddha goes on talking in stories”
Osho (The Man Who Loved Seagulls)

“Recently, I was reflecting on the companies who really capture my imagination and heart. They have in common an important ingredient for successful companies, large and small. It’s not nice packaging or a good product at a good price or passion or exceptional service – although these things are all important. It’s that they all have a company story, told well”. MP Mueller (The New York Times. Trying to Connect with Customers? Tell a Story. 17/3/2011)

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