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In this crazy world, how do we get the right perspective, keep our thinking pure, move in the right direction? This quest relates closely to the message of Christmas

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In this crazy world, how do we get the right perspective, keep our thinking pure, move in the right direction?

This quest relates closely to the message of Christmas

While waiting for our new Rawsonville house to be completed and wrestling through a number of legalities, we were nomads for over two months, staying in temporary accommodation in Bredasdorp, Agulhus, Struisbaai, Worcester, Nuy outside Worcester, Paternoster and elsewhere… (Short term, pet friendly stays are not easy to find at this time of the year). Quite disconcerting, a mild trauma experienced.
We have begun unpacking, sorting, establishing. And being spooked by some serious building snags. As I get older I find that – instead of mellowing, becoming calmer, putting personal issues into perspective, I am handling stress less well. Partly because of insights into how municipalities and people with positional power operate in the new South Africa - and perhaps partly because of the way government mismanages (the economy, society, covid…) and people blindly accept, I feel more and more alienated in the new world that is emerging so fast.
On the positive side I can again access the web and my emails (Well over 3, 000 were waiting!)
We are situated at the edge of the village, close to a wine farm and to a blueberry growing (and picking) enterprise.

The chapter I submitted for the World Scientific Publisher’s encyclopedia (STORY - BRIDGING: fostering possibilities and igniting connections in a separating and polarizing world), compiled with wonderful story practitioners and friends Terrence Gargiulo and Steve Banhegyi, has been through the peer review and other processes and is currently with the publisher. I am increasingly sure that the need for story bridging is growing exponentially.

The advertising blurb for the 5-webinar story module for Educcate Global’s impressive sustainable schools of the future project (accredited by the United Nations), has now been submitted. It is an educational journey about finding our true humanity. There is no doubt that the time has arrived for “right brain” education to bring balance to “left brain” STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) education. We must begin to think, know and act differently to secure an acceptable future.


A ground-breaking, practical compass for future leaders and their organisations who wish to move beyond simply 'doing good and doing well' - find out more

This quote reflects an ideal not easy to attain in a world of orchestrated division and polarisation, but worth striving for. It captures my three NEWS items: current personal situation, and the purposes of both the World Scientific Story-Bridging and Educcate Global Head Teacher projects:

“This is a story of awakening from feeling separate and alienated, toward living in oneness and love” – Ram Dass, Spiritual Teacher who helped bridge divides between East and West

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