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An Indian Storyteller’s Perception of the Future of Narratives

Indian story practitioner Indira Mukherjee shares her hopes for the future of storytellers

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Indian story practitioner Indira Mukherjee shares her hopes for the future of storytellers

During these trying times, this month I've enjoyed barter arrangements like swopping expertise to advise a struggling holiday resort to find innovative ways to use their space and resources during lock-down - in exchange for a weekend resort visit when this again opens up.

I've also done book swops with other authors

In exchange for helping draft a new business plan for someone, I was given a significant gift as a contribution towards a desperately-needed new laptop

Its heart-wrenching to be in contact with folks who have been forced to close shop and give up their livelihoods, stymied by government restrictions that verge on or are blatantly ridiculous (dictating - and I don't use that word lightly - what, when, where, how we may shop, allowing 8 to 16 seater taxis to operate with full passenger loads but not allowing visits between family members, not being allowed to have a glass of wine with a meal at a restaurant, a 9pm curfew ….

The popularity of our free personal pandemic assessment and highly affordable organizational assessment on Managing during the Covid-19 vortex has been heartening. See the main section of this newsletter for links to these and other resources

Over the past 7 years, sessions in the form of an Open-mic series have taken place in Cafe
Coffee Days in Chennai. Now these sessions
are occurring via Zoom.
Sessions occur on
the 1st Monday of each month, starting
at 6pm India time.
An upcoming session is scheduled for Monday 7th Sept.
Links to recordings of performances (and post-performance discussions
and role-plays) are at


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Ancient Chinese poet Du Fu during time of turmoil:
"The nation is destroyed,
mountains and rivers remain".
(From “The View This Spring)

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, exemplar of mainstream Orthodoxy, offers these impassioned words in To Heal a Fractured World:
“There may be poverty in every age, but that does not make it God’s will for the world. There may be injustice, but we may not be silent in the face of it… Tikkun olam involves the recognition that the world does need repair, rather than Stoic acceptance or ascetic denial… As long as there is hunger, poverty and treatable disease in the world, there is work for us to do. As long as nations fight, and men hate, and corruption stalks the corridors of power; as long as there is unemployment and homelessness, depression and despair, our task is not yet done...”

The initial response from the First Minister is positive: “I agree that the decisions we make in the face of this crisis will have a long-term impact on our future. The Scottish Government is therefore determined to ensure we deliver a recovery that it is not only sustainable, but is inclusive, fair, and champions well-being” (letter by Nicola Sturgeon, the 9th June 2020).


“Studies have shown that it is enough to think of the value we hold dearest and affirm it, to evoke a positive reaction in our entire organism” - Piero Ferrucci

“It is not only through our actions that we can give life meaning — insofar as we can answer life’s specific questions responsibly — we can fulfill the demands of existence not only as active agents but also as loving human beings: in our loving dedication to the beautiful, the great, the good. Should I perhaps try to explain for you with some hackneyed phrase how and why experiencing beauty can make life meaningful? I prefer to confine myself to the following thought experiment: imagine that you are sitting in a concert hall and listening to your favorite symphony, and your favorite bars of the symphony resound in your ears, and you are so moved by the music that it sends shivers down your spine; and now imagine that it would be possible (something that is psychologically so impossible) for someone to ask you in this moment whether your life has meaning. I believe you would agree with me if I declared that in this case you would only be able to give one answer, and it would go something like: “It would have been worth it to have lived for this moment alone!” Viktor Frankl

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