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Newsletter 142: Are you a taker or a giver?

Wherever human life is happening, there are givers and takers ….

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Wherever human life is happening, there are givers and takers ….

CHAPTER FOR BUSINESS STORYTELLING ENCYCLOPEDIA (to be published by World Scientific Press, Edited by David Boje).

Work has started on (working title) “From Walls to Bridges with Story: exploring ways of countering the societal, economic and environmental impacts of negative, belittling, divisive, harmful and false narratives”. Story practitioner friends Terrence Gargiulo and Steve Banhegyi have both graciously and generously agreed to join me in this task and contribute their extensive and unique knowledge and skills.

OTHER ACTIVITIES are in the pipeline at various stages of completion.

In mid - February I have an unexpected stay in hospital, and at the time of writing it is not clear when I’ll be up and running and fully fit again. If you find the time and inclination to pray for successful surgery and recovery, that would be lovely.
(My personal experience of the health care professionals, doctors and surgeon that I have encountered of late is that they are a competent, caring bunch and we are in very good hands and blessed to have them still in the country - notwithstanding what the South African government plans for the future of health care)

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Don’t quarrel with circumstances. – MARCUS AURELIUS, Roman emperor and philosopher

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. – JAMES BALDWIN, American novelist and activist

When a subjugated people rise to power, they often become as controlling and dominating as their oppressors because they have not yet faced the shadow side of power. - RICHARD ROHR, American Franciscan author

But now I see that there is nothing so great as to be capable of happiness; to pluck it out of “each moment and whatever happens”; to find that one can ride as gay and buoyant on the angry, menacing, tumultuous waves of life as on those that glide and glitter under a clear sky; that it is not defeat and wretchedness which come out of the storm of adversity, but strength and calmness. - ANNE GILCHRIST, English writer

I am not a space in which God does not occupy. - CYNTHIA BOURGEAULT, American Episcopal priest and author

The aim of meditation is that it eventually becomes your normal state of consciousness. - ECKHART TOLLE, German spiritual author

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