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Newsletter 88: Buddha Boy on a Swing

Poetry is another way of paying attention to, listening and observing the world. Spiritual mindfulness, virtues and seeing through different eyes are three backdrops to Dorian's poem

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A poem by Dorian that recently arrived, throws light on some important considerations for business leaders ...

David Hutchens, pre-eminent story practitioner, has published (through Wileys) his long awaited Circle of the 9 Muses - reviewed in this newsletter

Culture University (Human Synergistics) have commenced posting a series of blogs by myself in collaboration with Dr Gerry Wagner of Nebraska. He started Inspired Organizational Cultures (which is a non-profit institution that publishes virtuous organization culture role models)
See here
The second article in the series (on what is involved in giving virtuosa performances) has now been posted. Article 3 will be on the subject of measuring virtuosa performance.

Our wonderfully received workshop on seeing life through the eyes of da Vinci (at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo, Natal) relied on images, metaphor, story - and of course da Vinci's art - to facilitate the learning process. Richard Rohr points out in his October 14th, 2015 daily meditation on healing images:"One of Jung's foundational ideas is that mere words and concepts do not give us access to the unconscious. Certain ... images, art ... can have a striking effect on you because what your unconscious has already half-known is brought home to conscious awareness by gazing upon them rather than analyzing them"
The da Vinci Workshop is available in-house.

STRATEGIC NARRATIVE EMBODIMENT TECHNIQUES for coaches and facilitators will be taught in Cape Town and Johannesburg simultaneously on 18th – 20th November by Playing Mantis - see body of newsletter. Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren of Playing Mantis has contributed a thought-provoking article (The Story Entrepreneur) to our Member's Article Archive

Early Notice: December (1st to 3rd) workshop at Temenos near McGregor on BounceBackAbility - see main body of this newsletter


A ground-breaking, practical compass for future leaders and their organisations who wish to move beyond simply 'doing good and doing well' - find out more

Based on research into the Picture Superiority Effect, when we read text alone, we are likely to remember only 10 percent of the information 3 days later. If that information is presented to us as text combined with a relevant image, we are likely to remember 65 percent of the information 3 days later - John Medina,Brain Rules, 2008

Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent - Dr Seuss

You can't just give someone a creativity injection. You have to create an environment for curiosity and a way to encourage people and get the best out of them - Sir Ken Robinson

.... asked Dr. Einstein’s advice about the kind of reading that would best prepare the child for this career. To her surprise, the scientist recommended "Fairy tales and more fairy tales". The mother protested that she was really serious about this and she wanted a serious answer; but Dr. Einstein persisted, adding that creative imagination is the essential element in the intellectual equipment of the true scientist, and that fairy tales are the childhood stimulus to this quality.

The begging bowl of the Buddha represents . . . the ultimate theological root of the belief not just in the right to be, but in openness to the gifts of all beings as an expression of the interdependence of all beings. This is the most central concept of Buddhism—or at least in Mahayana Buddhism. The whole idea of compassion, which is central to Mahayana Buddhism, is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another and all involved in one another. Thus when the monk begs from the layman and receives a gift from the layman, it is not as a selfish person getting something from somebody else. He is simply opening himself to this interdependence, this mutual interdependence, in which they all recognize that they all are immersed in illusion together, but that the illusion is also an empirical reality that has to be fully accepted, and that in this illusion, which is nevertheless empirically real, nirvana is present and it is all there, if you but see it - Thomas Merton

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