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Knowledge Management and Stories

Extract: An article published on the IMCSA Thought-Leader site for management consultants. In many ways KM is about story. Knowledge Management (KM) is how organizations make best use of their intellectual assets. Using their technology, processes and people they dredge for knowledge (sometimes very subjective, tacit and hard to articulate) and spread insights and experience to where it counts and can be applied to improve performance. For example, customer-facing employees can access expert systems containing technical solutions, or they can look up a base of non-technical knowledge in order to answer the customer immediately - without having to escalate the interaction to a higher, more knowledgeable authority.

An extract: “Those who work with KM systems tend to distinguish between , and see a progression, from data, to information (where connections between data and the meaning of data is understood), to knowledge (where the information and how it may be responded to, is understood) and to wisdom (sound principles and insights for applying the knowledge to obtain the best outcomes).

Story connects people and is able to carry knowledge in a way that helps listeners or readers to absorb, interpret and retain well. Joanna Sinclair cites a story by Annette Simmons to illustrate how stories “carry any level of the knowledge hierarchy: i.e. data, information, knowledge or wisdom”….

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